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Panorama of the Week: Budai, The Laughing Buddha

koh samui buddha

Have you ever temporarily settled down somewhere only to find out that when it comes time to leave, you are left to squeeze in the nearby sights in your final days?In our version of this story, we took our motorbike all the way around Koh Samui island last weekend to catch some new sights. Along our way, we found Budai, the Laughing Buddha. … [Read more...]

Facing Fears, Wiping Out, and Getting Up Again

Family on a Motorbike in Vietnam

Early last week, I was about to write about fears and the process of facing up to them. I would talk about traveling to places that once frightened me, meeting and interacting with large groups of new people, and jumping out of airplanes. Then, I would channel all those fears known and met through a more recent apprehension I'd tackled: riding a motorbike.I … [Read more...]

The Yin and Yang of Koh Pha Ngan (Or, Yes Virginia, There Really Are People Who Suck)

Dan with Tao from Haad Yao, Thailand

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. -- Ralph Waldo EmersonWe often share stories of ordinary people who humble us by showing resilience and kindness in the face of challenges. In doing so, we highlight the positive -- so much so that you might be thinking: “Do these guys only run into good people on their travels? Is the world … [Read more...]

Panorama of the Week: Some Thai Beach Time

thai beach

Recently, we've been spending time on a beach on an island in Thailand. So you might be thinking, "They've gone soft."Perhaps.But we missed being near water and having the space -- both physical and mental -- that comes with looking out over long, wide horizons. There's a certain calm it affords, a certain clarity.Open up the panorama below to see why. … [Read more...]

An Evening with Refugees: When Going Home Isn’t an Option


Thanksgiving, an American holiday fueled by family gatherings and gratitude, came and went last Thursday. Unfortunately, we were away from home this year so we couldn’t spend this occasion with our family. But this was borne of our own choice, circumstances of our own making.In contrast, many people in this world do not have this choice. Simply put, they cannot go … [Read more...]