Turkmen Radio Silence

Sun Sets over Caspian Sea - Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan
Taking a boat across the Caspian Sea from Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan

Hopefully, we ship out of Baku tomorrow (Friday, 20 July) and float uneventfully across the Caspian Sea to arrive in Turkmenbashi the following morning for a 10-day peek at Turkmenistan. Given the nature of things there, access to internet is unlikely.

In case we are lucky enough to successfully connect during our stay, we promise to publish something.

When we are reliably re-connected (after Turkmenistan…say, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan), we’ll begin publishing the remainder of our stories from Georgia, and photos and stories from Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan.

In the meantime, feel free to poke around and stay tuned. If you’re feeling hungry, try the Georgian food piece. If you’re looking for some inspiration, read about Adrianne and Rick.

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  1. Tim Saunders says

    Your stories are good for the soul…especially when this soul is sitting in suburbia. I’ll look forward to the next installment when you reconnect. Enjoy the journey!



  2. says

    Nicole: Thanks. I remember reading this comment off-line just before boarding the boat thinking “Turkmenistan?? Now, what have we gotten ourselves into? Our friends are even worried about us!” But the effort and brief moments of anxiety were all worth it. About the Father of All Turkmen being laid to rest, some believe he still lurks somewhere in the shadows.

    Tim: Does that make our stories Chicken-Soup for the Suburban Soul? I’m certain that title is taken, so we’ll just have to think of another. Suggestions welcome.

    Ben, Brian: We cannot wait to post more on our journey across Turkmenistan, a truly fascinating place. Please be patient, as we’re making our way through the Caucasus, giving those countries and our experiences there some overdue airtime.

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