Twitter-Length Answers to Prague’s Top 10 Questions

We have been in Prague – our previous home – for a little over a week now. We’ve noticed our friends’ questions regarding our journey and current state huddling around certain themes.

Although we can’t succinctly recreate online the atmosphere of a Pilsner beer-driven discussion in a Czech pub, we can attempt to answer these questions with astounding brevity in case you’re also curious. [Twitter’s limit is 140 characters.]

Nail-Riding Gnome - Prague, Czech Republic
Quirky gnome riding a snail in Prague.

1a. How do you stay sane while being together 24 hours a day? (Politically Correct Version)

Patience. Communication. Our hotel rooms were often barely larger than our beds; carve out separate mental space while sharing a small physical space.

1b. How do you stay sane while being together 24 hours a day? (Honestly)

Who said we were sane? While we wave divorce papers at one another every so often, we expect to write at length on this topic.

2. Most difficult or frightening experience?

Kazakhstan bears witness to both of these nightmares – one at the Uzbek border and the another in the Tian Shan mountains. Kazakh comic relief here.

3. What’s it like being an American abroad these days?

The diplomatic response: our travels indicate that America’s image abroad is in need of some repair. Fortunately, most people respond to us as individuals.

No Comment - Vienna, austria
Art and political commentary in Vienna, Austria.

4. Worst hotel?

Pestilential stink-hole with indentured servant boy in Ismaili, Azerbaijan. Honorable mention: Sikkimese village hut where a rat fell on Audrey’s shoulder in bed.

5. Which countries were your favorite(s)?

We had an enlightening time everywhere, really. Off-track surprises included: Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan (Pamirs), Laos, Cambodia, and Burma.

6. Were you sick a lot? (Translation: were you always praying to the porcelain god?)

Toilet Signs - Angkor, Cambodia
No standing on the toilet. Cambodia.

Despite being street food junkies and eating a slaughtered goat, no. Exceptions: Vietnam-Sapa (D&A), Uzbekistan (Dan), Kazakhstan (Audrey).

7. How do you distribute the work?

D=Dan, A=Audrey: Writing=D&A, Videos=D, Photo Editing=A, Photo Captions=D&A, Format=A, Website/technology=D, PR=D&A

8. What’s it like to be back in Prague, once your home of five years?

A bit strange, sort of like we aren’t here. Everything is eerily familiar. And in dollar terms…too expensive!

9. Which cuisine was your favorite?

Difficult choice. Thai and Indian, with the edge to Indian. The diversity of food is incredible. Georgian cuisine is also terrific.

10. Any epiphanies yet on this journey?

Greatest epiphany to date: Epiphanies take time.

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  1. says

    Let me try 140 characters… What a lovely, succinct top 10! Reminded my of my favorites like Brothel Inn & Golden Camel Awards. Missed your Kazak-Uzbek story—yikes! …140 characters exactly!

  2. says

    This Twitter-length thing is kind of a fun game – maybe we’ll use it for our About Us : ) The Uzbek-Kazakh experience was frightening and not something I’d ever want to go through again. But, we’ve found it’s our best crowd pleaser – from a Czech pub to an Ambassador’s residence!

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