Visual Tour of the Caucasus

Between embassy queues for visas, we’ve been taking advantage of Tashkent’s surprising supply of wifi and internet cafes.

As a result, we finally have some photos to show from Armenia and Azerbaijan, thereby completing our visual tour of the Caucasus.

Now it’s time to catch up on our observations of this fascinating region, including some parting thoughts about Georgia and some fresh thoughts about Armenia and Azerbaijan.


Kids Welcoming Committee - Tatev, Armenia
Meeting a group of kids in Tatev, Armenia.


Two Young Girls - Shaki, Azerbaijan
Best friends in Shaki, Azerbaijan.


Girl Waving at Parade - Tbilisi, Georgia
Georgian girl cheering on the troops in Tbilisi.

Fans of Turkmenistan, don’t dispair. Photo sets this weekend and brushes with Turkmenbashi to follow.

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