What Annoys Men? The Definitive Guide from Calcutta

Lakshmana Temple - Khajuraho, India
Lakshmana Temple in Khajuraho, India

Astute Chinese women told us what they thought about men in Ten Secrets of Women Call.

Now, men get their say.

For all the women out there who spend countless hours wondering what annoys men, this one’s for you.

The credit goes to a Kolkata (Calcutta) weekend newspaper we picked up in April 2008. I recently found the newspaper clipping. However, a quick Google search yielded that the real source of this advice is actually a Russian newspaper. Russian dating advice for Indians? Maybe that explains #1.

What Annoys Men?

It is no doubt that men heartily love women. However, look out for:

1. Men do not like women pretending they are chaste. Indeed, women these days are not restricted in entertaining themselves and can enjoy life to the utmost, just exactly the way that men do.

2. Men hate it when their women criticise other females. This is a proven fact that women often treat other women as rivals. But remember that a woman will gain no popularity with men if she continuously criticises other women’s dresses, shoes etc and also their compatibility with each other.

3. Women’s jealousy exasperates men. This is absolute nonsense that jealousy revives relationship. The jealousy lifestyle can break even the strongest relationship. Jealousy appears when someone in a couple does not trust his partner.

4. Men also do not like to be treated as an emotional support. They get irritated when women demand caresses and hugs. Men do not like diffident women: they say it is even worse than independent women.

5. It is no good for women to employ the speech code in relations with men. When women employ the “What are you thinking about?” speech code they hope to pump real feelings and emotions out of men. When a woman asks a man this sort of vague question she expects to catch him unawares and learn what his real feelings toward her are.

6. Some women want all the spare time of their men devoted to them only. This is some sort of interference with men’s private life. At the worst, women start asking relatives and close friends what their men did or are doing and ransack men’s pockets. It’s like having a spy cam on you!

7. This is incredible but women’s emotionality makes men absolutely mad. Unlike women, men are sure that broken nails or touching films are not a trouble at all. Males do not love when their female partners burst into tears or fly into a rage on every occasion.

8. It is universally known that men hate women’s never-ending shopping. Men find it the most terrible ordeal when women insist that men must accompany them during shopping.

9. Women’s talkativeness is also irritating, men say. Women’s brain easily conceives every minute detail while men do not like to listen to non-essential details.

10. Women have a sure leverage to demonstrate their superiority over men. This is sex which is the most powerful weapon in the war between males and females. Women deprive their men of sex in an attempt to punish them. But often, they may in some cases have lamentable consequences for women.

My favorites: #1, #4, #5, and #9. And yours?

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  1. says

    Men also do not like to be treated as an emotional support. They get irritated when women demand caresses and hugs.

    Hug me now, husband!!! And get with the caressing!

    Those are awesome. It’s like Mars and Venus, but with blunter language.

  2. says

    I do the same each night – how did you know?! We women are so predictable and all the same!

    I broke down laughing when I found this newspaper clipping in my travel papers last week. Got to love this Indian-Russian cooperation!

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