What We’re Taking With Us

So, what does one pack for a year-long trip? We don’t have the optimum answer, but this is what we took with us.

The more we travel, the more we realize how little we really need. We still carry too much.

Luggage and Bags


Eagle Creek Maiden Voyage (70 liters)
– Crumpler Puppet camera and laptop backpack – a very cool and comfortable bag that really protects your equipment
– “Authentic” North Face $5 camera sling from Ben Thanh Market in Saigon

Eagle Creek Grand Voyage (90 liters)
Crumpler Belly laptop backpack – not as cool as the Puppet, but it can double as a daypack when necessary

We use Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes for holding our clothes, electronics and medicines – all your stuff is one place, meaning that you don’t have to go reaching around your pack looking for a pair of socks, a t-shirt or band-aids. And, when the bus leaves in 5 minutes, it’s much easier to pack up.


It’s amazing how a few pieces of clothing can go a long way. We tried to pack in such a way that we would be comfortable, but also could look professional when we needed it. We refresh our wardrobe from time to time.

Tops: t-shirts, tank top, short-sleeved button down, long-sleeved button down (Columbia), fleece pullover jacket, windbreaker
Pants: Columbia and McKinley travel pants
Skirts: jean skirt (heavy, but oh so comfortable), lightweight skirt below-the-knee
Socks: walking and trekking socks (Patagonia)
Shoes: hiking boots, Teva sandals, and regular sandals
Underwear: Ex-Officio and Patagonia Capilene underwear (highly recommended)

Tops: t-shirts, short-sleeved button down, long-sleeved button down, fleece pullover jacket, windbreaker
Pants: Columbia and Patagonia travel pants, shorts
Socks: walking and trekking socks (Patagonia)
Shoes: hiking boots and Teva sandals
Underwear: Ex-Officio and REI

We have a medical kit full of over and under-the-counter medicines to help get us through most basic inflictions.

Equipment and Technology

Most of our weight comes from equipment (and all the chargers that go with them). It is a lot, but we’re actively using everything. Our goal is to be able to capture, produce and publish photography, audio, video, and text materials while on the road.

  • Laptops – Sony VAIO and Mac PowerBook G4
  • DSLR camera – Nikon D70
  • Digital camera with video capabilities – Casio EX-Z750
  • GPS device (for geo-tagging photos) – Sony GPS-CS1
  • Apple AirPort Express base station (portable wireless router)
  • iPod outfitted for recording sound and a lavalier microphone for interviews
  • Mobile phone – PalmOne Treo 650
  • A host of other software and hardware bits and bobs that we’ll write about at length in a future blog post

Note: An updated list (March 2008) of all our equipment and how we use it can be found here.