Where Oh Where: All Things Mapped and Geotagged

Map of Life

So many questions that begin with “Where…?”

This page is our attempt to point you in the right direction to answer those queries. And since maps are the perfect fodder for dreaming about the next adventure, we explain the types of maps you’ll find placed across the site.

We combine our love of maps with our weakness for technology by geotagging our photos and our articles and displaying a relevant, interactive Google map with them.

Geotagged Photography

If you click on virtually any photo embedded in a post or you visit an individual photo page, you’ll notice a Google Map at the bottom of the page indicating where the photo was taken. Zoom in (+) or zoom out (-) to adjust the map detail. Play around. The Google map’s default is set to “Satellite.” Scroll over the map with your mouse and click “Hybrid” if you’d like to see the names of locations nearby.

Wonder how we do this? Check out our three part series on how to geotag photos:

Geotagged Posts

We occasionally write about places known only to geography professors. To provide geographic context for the places we write about, we have associated location data with each article by geotagging it (look for the geotag or geotagged tag). When relevant, you’ll find an embedded Google Map, usually next to the Practical Details section at the end of the post. Hopefully, this makes it easier to see where places like Kashgar are located, like in the example below. Use the map control (top left) to zoom in or zoom out to adjust the level of detail.

Embedded Google Map in Post

Check out this interactive map displaying the location of all of our geotagged articles. Click on a pin to see a listing of articles from that location and then click on the title of the article you’d like to read.

This functionality is powered by the WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin by Cyberhobo.

Google MyMaps

Occasionally we include a customized Google MyMap in a post indicating our route through a country or region or to display the location of restaurants or shops. Posts that use Google MyMaps are filed under the Interactive Maps category.