Where We're Going

We have a general trajectory, but we remain flexible and evolve our itinerary as new opportunities arise and as world events change our course.
Road Trip, Pamir Style in Tajikistan
We aim to string together contacts and partner organizations to serve as anchors for our journey. If you know people or organizations in the countries below who would be interesting for us to meet or to work with, please let us know.

Southeast Asia and Bangladesh – early 2011

We’re starting the year at a lovely little beach house on Koh Samui, Thailand. Once our Thai visas run out, we’ll make our way to Bangladesh via Malaysia.

The Middle East and Africa – mid-to-late 2011

Infrastructure, logistics and safety issues in the region require us to plan more thoroughly than we did for Asia. Here’s a list of countries currently on the table:

Map of Africa and the Middle EastAfrica
Uganda – Tanzania – Kenya – Rwanda – Burundi – Eritrea – Ethiopia – Uganda – Morocco – Libya – Egypt – – Zambia – Mozambique – Botswana – Namibia – South Africa – Reunion – Madagascar

We’ll consider West African destinations (e.g., Ghana, Mali, Liberia), time depending.

Middle East
Syria – Lebanon – Jordan – Israel (carrying a legal 2nd passport, of course) – Iran (visa and costs permitting) – Qatar – United Arab Emirates – Oman – Yemen


And after all that?

TBD (To Be Determined). Maybe take a deep breath and write a book.