Year-End Wisdom from Nine Sacred Places

Temple Lotus Flowers - Chiang Mai, Thailand
New Year’s Lotus Flowers in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By way of a Buddhist festival that we stumbled upon in Bangkok, we found some fitting wishes and words of wisdom for the new year. In the festival pamphlet, designed very much for locals with a nod to us non-Thai speakers, we discovered a list of wishes and matching offerings for each of the nine participating wats (temples).

From this list, we inferred something rather noteworthy from Nine Sacred Places.

While the offering for Endless Wealth and Prosperity is:

  • 3 incense sticks
  • 2 candles and flowers

the offering for Calmness is Happiness is a hefty:

  • 9 incense sticks
  • 2 candles
  • 11 pieces of gold foil

suggesting (or re-affirming, depending on where you stand) that prosperity is more easily attained than calmness and hence, happiness.

Wat Arun Buddhist Temple - Bangkok, Thailand
New Year’s Wisdom from the Buddha

So, to all of our friends, readers and fellow travelers – wherever you may be – we offer you the following New Year’s wishes from Bangkok’s 9 Sacred Places Festival:

  • Endless Wealth and Prosperity
  • Calmness is Happiness
  • Receive the Good Things in Life
  • Create Auspicious Vision
  • Have a Prosperous Life
  • Enlarge Your Visions and Fascinate Surrounding People
  • Conquer All Obstacles
  • To Be Admired and Loved
  • Bon Voyage

Happy New Year!

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