Panorama of the Week: Swim in a Cenote – Yucatan, Mexico

Want to know the end to a perfect afternoon in the Yucatan? Taking a dip in a cenote.

What is a cenote, you ask?

It’s a formation resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes the groundwater underneath. You might even call it a freshwater sinkhole, but that label does a disservice to the natural beauty of one. Cenotes are characteristic to Mexico and Central America.

We happened to catch this one in Mexico’s Yucatan province. It was just about perfect for a late afternoon swim.

Open up the panorama and see for yourself.

Panorama: Xochempich Cenote in Yucatan, Mexico

panorama directions

Disclosure: Our trip to Riviera Maya was supported by Visit Mexico. As always, the opinions expressed here are entirely our own. Special thanks to Julia Miller and Alfonso Morales of Catherwood Travels for organizing such a wonderful afternoon at the Xochempich Cenote.

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  1. says

    Our first trip to Maya Riviera, Mexico we swam in a Cenote too. Only ours was in a cave after a long ride on an ATV through the forest. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day or afternoon, and the water is so clear!! I loved it. Wish I was there in Cenote – Yucatan!

  2. says

    This is really beautiful, the water has an amazing color! I don’t know if I would swim in it, but it looks like a great place for a hike or a walk.

  3. says

    @Ellen: We knew nothing about cenotes before this trip but are now rather mesmerized by them. Beautiful to look at and wonderful to swim in!

    @Matt: Yes, it was pretty special – like our own tropical paradise.

    @Andi: Go to Yucatan and do it!

    @Irene: Ooh, that sounds rather nice – a cenote in a cave. It is amazing how clear the water is in them. Felt like we could see all the way to the bottom 60 meters below.

    @BA: Swimming is not for everyone :) The area around was rather lush with jungle, but would be good for a walk.

  4. says

    Although it looks very cool, and I’d love to do it, the water’s dark enough for my mind to think there’s something sinister lurking below. Still, you only live once.

  5. says

    @Jimmy: The water is dark and deep. When we were swimming in it we were all joking that this was the perfect setting for a horror movie, just for the reason you mentioned. But, you do only live once and we’re so glad we tried it for a swim.

  6. says

    Oh man. This panorama is one of my favourites – I can’t even imagine how stunning a place like this must be in real life! Really makes me wish there were some cenotes in Asia to check out 😉

  7. says

    @Sabrina: We were told that it’s possible with special permission to go diving in the cenote at Chichen Itza. Now that would be fascinating as there are still artifacts in that cenote. But for regular swimming cenotes are also great!

    @Naomi: So glad you enjoyed this! And yes, it is even better in real life. Don’t know of an equivalent to a cenote in Asia, so you’ll just have to make it over to Mexico sometime to see if for yourself!

    @Eli: We’re using AutoPano Giga to stitch the 5 images (taken with an 8mm fisheye lens) into a flat panorama and then Panotour Pro to make the flash “tour” you see above.

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