Berlin: The Ultimate Resource Guide

Whether you're considering a visit to Berlin for the first time, returning for another look, or even considering a longer stay or move to Berlin, this Berlin resource guide is for you.

We brought together Berlin experts Adam Groffman (Travels of Adam), Natalie Holmes (Context Travel and Slow Travel Berlin) and Giulia Pines (Fodor's) to talk all things Berlin on a Google Hangout (see the video below). We gleaned some of the best tips and advice from our discussion and put them together here for you.

We will actively update this list as we continue exploring and finding new bits, spots and intelligence to share on Berlin.

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All Things Berlin Google Hangout

Visiting Berlin: How to See the City

Berlin Neighborhoods, Kiez Culture

Food in Berlin – Where to Eat, Where to Shop

Coffee Culture and Recommended Berlin Cafes

Culture and Art: Recommended Berlin Galleries, Cinemas and More

Nightlife in Berlin

  • Berlin Späti Culture: A classic Berlin night, especially in summer, includes choosing some beers at a spätkauf or späti (literally “late buy”, a convenience store open late) and enjoying them with friends in a park or at the table just outside the store. More on the Berlin späti culture.
  • Recommended Cocktail Bars
  • Peristal Signum: Berlin’s Labyrinth Bar
  • Kater Holzig
  • Walk down Revaler Strasse

Recommended Tours in Berlin

How to Find Out What's Going on in Berlin

Best Beers in Berlin

Finding an Apartment in Berlin

A list of places to look for short and medium-term accommodation in Berlin. Note: we are not affiliated with any of these sites.

For longer term accommodation in Berlin, check out Immobilien Scout 24. Expath also offers workshops on how to find a flat in Berlin.

Moving to Berlin: Visas, Insurance, German Lessons