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  1. Hey guys. Happy holidays. Just wanted to say I’ve been following and loving your blog for many months – even though I don’t leave a lot of comments! 🙂

  2. @Lola: Happy holidays to you too! Seems like we’ve been secretly following each other’s blogs 🙂 Stay warm in Sweden these next few months!

  3. @Sara: So true – the holidays are what you see them to be and how you choose to celebrate them. Hope you’re enjoying your holidays, wherever you may be!

    @Diane: Thanks for the Christmas greetings! We’re certainly enjoying lots of food (a large ham is awaiting us now for Christmas dinner) and homemade cookies! Hope you’re staying warm and enjoying the holidays with your Estonian family! Beware of all that blood sausage 🙂

  4. @Yahya: Thanks for your New Year’s greetings!! Wishing your family all the best in 2009! Maybe Baku will have cooler weather in this year ahead 🙂

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