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Hear from Our Clients

“I invited Daniel and Audrey to visit our Jackson State campus in November of 2016. The objective of their visit was to provide a broad view of the advantages of internationalizing our curriculum and investing in a study abroad program, but what they gave us went so far beyond that.


Dan and Audrey provided an opportunity for us to reflect on our mission as an institution and asked us to consider what responsibilities we have to our students in the context of a global work force. More importantly, they challenged us to explore the ways in which we, as a college and as a collective of individuals, both succeeded and failed our students in moving them past their comfort zones and into the areas in which real growth happens.

Dan and Audrey brought to our campus a sophisticated but relaxed professionalism that fostered real, powerful conversations among faculty, staff, students, and administrators. They ignited the imaginations of our students, who spoke excitedly of Dan and Audrey long after they left campus.

Dan and Audrey facilitated the creation of a concrete action plan for internationalizing our campus and provided us creative and innovated ways to connect our students to a variety of global experiences. They also left us with excellent resources that we use in our classrooms and in our work groups.

Ultimately, Dan and Audrey gave us the gift of reflection and conversation that could not have happened without their masterful workshops and facilitations. We are eager to move forward with what we learned from them as individuals and as a campus.”
– Anna Esquivel, Associate Professor at Jackson State Community College

“I attended the Leading Change Institute at the Staley School of Leadership at Kansas State University last month. This Institute was facilitated by Dan Noll and Audrey Scott. I was very impressed with their facilitation skills and the manner in which they constantly innovated and adapted to the highly charged up and dynamic environment.


Being a leadership trainer myself and having worked with a large number of corporate leaders, I know how difficult it is to facilitate discussions among intelligent and highly individualistic thought leaders. Dan & Audrey managed it so well that it looked so easy but was highly productive. As a couple, they not only handled the sessions seamlessly, but each one of them seemed to know what to say at precisely the right movement. They complement each other so well. I wish them well and am confident that they will go places.”
– R Balasubramaniam (Balu), Founder & President, Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement

“I attended the Leading Change Institute at the Staley School of Leadership Studies, Kansas State University in August 2015. Daniel and Audrey were the facilitators for this 4 1/2 day event. With a very diverse room, and some challenging topics, they both approached the week with openness, flexibility and a sense of calm confidence. They expertly ran an Open Space approach to the week, which worked exceedingly well. They responded quickly to suggestions and feedback, striving to incorporate a diverse range of needs, but at the same time not losing sight of the vision for the institute. Dan and Audrey work very well together, with a relaxed sense of fun but also consummate professionalism. I very much enjoyed meeting them and working with them.”
– Anna McKeon, Communications Consultant at The Better Care Network


“I had a chance to participate in a Storytelling workshop organized and moderated by Daniel and Audrey. This was a true hands-on training regarding experience storytelling and the implementation through digital channels. Although intangible, participants have realized that experiences and stories can be managed and guided for the better understanding of destinations and local attractions, and are true USP of every destination/attraction. Since the participants differ in level of knowledge and expertise, the workshop was planned very well, offering first insights and 1.0 approach, following by more advance tools, tactics and social media aspects. I look forward to further joint activities and collaboration.”
– Igor Kovacevic, Faculty of Economics; CEO, Serbia Convention Bureau


“We engaged Daniel & Audrey to give a talk/workshop on Storytelling and Digital Marketing for tourism professionals at the International Tourism Fair of Belgrade. Feedback from a few established members of the travel industry and long-term stakeholders said that Dan's and Audrey's talk was among the most useful, relevant and engaging workshops they’ve ever attended. We are already thinking how to engage with Dan & Audrey on another project.”
– Boris Camernik, Danube Competence Center


“We asked Daniel and Audrey to give the closing keynote at our TBEX event in Dublin this year. They were nothing short of amazing. Our attendees had extremely high expectations for their talk. Dan and Audrey absolutely delivered. They are both extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the world of travel and social media and they have the utmost integrity. Their message was tailored to our audience and they hit the bullseye. We have had some really big names speak at our event and some very popular speakers as well. Dan and Audrey are the only speakers to ever have a standing ovation at TBEX.
– Rick Calvert, CEO & Co-Founder BlogWorld & New Media Expo


“Dan Noll and Audrey Scott came to Providence College to speak with our students about embracing risk and leading full lives. Their presentation, “At the Edge of Possibility: What’s Travel Got to Do with it?” was precisely what we hoped for. They inspired students AND FACULTY and prompted campus conversation to move toward further internationalization. Importantly, they listened intently to every detail I provided them about our campus and its population. Then they built their presentation from that audience awareness. They did a wonderful job – we hope to invite them again in the future. More on their engaging presentation is here.”
– Eric Hartman, Assistant Professor of Global Studies, Providence College


“I had the pleasure of working with Daniel at the EyeforTravel Online Marketing for Travel Summit in Miami, June 2012. Daniel spoke about quality content and social media, and his enthusiasm and experience made him one of the stand out speakers at the event. His speaking and delivery combines energy, humor, quality content and tangible takeaways in a professional yet approachable storytelling style. Daniel even received one of the few standing ovations…at the beginning of his presentation. He garnered some of the highest praise from our attendee feedback, and after seeing Daniel's presentation, I'd recommend him as an excellent speaker for any conference or event.”
– Brian Smith, Business Development Manager at EyeforTravel


“Storytelling in sustainability is such a innovative and refreshing topic that we felt it was vital to share it with the audience of the People Planet Peace (P3) Conference in 2013 in Costa Rica.  Dan and Audrey took us on a eye opening journey with great tips and examples in how to better reach clients and make them part of the sustainability efforts being implemented by hundreds of businesses in Latin America. At the end we all felt we need more of these inspirational experiences and hope to have Dan and Audrey in our future agendas soon.”
Federico Solano, Marketing & Sustainability Specialist at Rainforest Alliance, Sponsor of P3


““Audrey and Dan are among the most successful international travel bloggers and thus were invited twice to the world’s leading travel trade show ITB Berlin to speak on stage of the ITB eTravel World. I got to know Audrey and Dan as amazing storytellers and a tremendously creative and active couple. When they are on stage they don’t only tell their story, they want to hear more about their audience, they actively involve them and value their opinion while at the same time giving advice and consult. They are well respected not only as professional travel bloggers but also as reliable business partners in the industry.


They are both very open minded, extremely enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about what they are doing. They are the kind of speakers that we are looking for at the ITB eTravel World and we were very happy that they shared their knowledge and experience with us.”
– Jana Plückthun, FAKTOR 3 AG, Event Advisor for ITB eTravel

“Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott were invited to present the closing keynote at the Social Travel Summit in Leipzig, a gathering of 50 top travel bloggers and representatives from the tourism industry from around the world. Dan and Audrey showed a clear understanding of the remit and the mood of the Summit. They did an amazing job by presenting a deeply inspiring and uplifting keynote. It was a fitting close to two days of insightful workshops and discussions. Their keynote, “At The Intersection of Influence & Purpose”, was filled with thought-provoking stories, humorous moments and inspiring anecdotes. It brought the delegates to their feet amidst thunderous applause. I can't thank them enough for sharing their unique story-telling gift with us at the Social Travel Summit, and for helping to send our delegates home with a big smile and a spring in their step!”
Keith Jenkins, CEO iambassador | Organiser of the Social Travel Summit


Dan and Audrey: what a team! The Rainforest Alliance proudly sponsored their participation at the 2013 People, Planet & Peace conference held every year in Costa Rica, with the support from our network of partner tour operators TOPS-Costa Rica and CANAECO. Dan and Audrey brought to this event a different perspective on how to successfully communicate all the great efforts that many Costa Rican tourism businesses make every day to satisfy their clients through environmentally and socially responsible travel experiences. We all learned how to tell stories in a way that is compelling, engaging and fun for readers and viewers and how to use those stories to get to more and better clients. We strongly feel that unless tourism businesses learn how to better communicate with their target audiences, many of their incredible efforts will not be heard nor appreciated. Learning how to tell a story means learning how to successfully market what we do. Dan and Audrey opened the eyes of many tourism entrepreneurs that benefit from their tips on how to do so.”
Ronald Sanabria, Sustainable Tourism Vice president at Rainforest Alliance, Sponsor of P3


“On short notice, Dan and Audrey created a compelling 40-minute presentation that entertained the nearly 1000 attendees at the 2012 World Domination Summit. Their love of travel and each other shone through in their stories and interactions on stage. We were glad to have them.”
– J.D. Roth, World Domination Summit (WDS) Speaker Coordinator


“Audrey and Dan are exceptional storytellers. I shared the stage with them at the Future of Tourism event in Vancouver and they inspired me to change up my presentation and the feedback I received after my next talk was so much more positive. They are a great duo and they really engage their audience. I hope to work with them again soon.”
– Paula Vlamings, CEO, Planeterra Foundation


Hear from Our Audiences

“Daniel and Audrey were our guest speakers for the International Education Week 2016 at FIT. After having a chance to meet them and hear about their travel journey, I was personally connected to their story and invited them to become case studies for my senior thesis project #EssencesbyBruno. As influencers, Daniel and Audrey have a very encouraging message for students, and they definitely made each student feel like a story to be discovered. Merci beaucoup mes amis!! :)”
– Bruno Meira, Student at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)


“Audrey and Daniel are two of the most dynamic, persuasive and entertaining speakers you’ll ever listen to and learn from. They use story to tell why you must to uncover, articulate and leverage your unique brand story in order to rise above the media roar and be meaningfully different in the hearts and minds of your customers (and those who will become your customers).”
– Mark Campbell, Senior Vice President & General Manager at National Parks Revealed


“I saw Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll give a keynote talk at the World Domination Summit (WDS) 2012 conference in Portland. For me, their talk was one part inspiration and another part motivation. They told stories about meeting people across the globe, the common values we all share no matter where we call home and how we are all connected.


This is impacted me greatly, personally. When I saw them speak, I was apprehensive about returning to my position with the U.S. military in Afghanistan. But after their talk I decided to use what Audrey and Daniel taught me – to work with passion and to connect, to make an even bigger difference. I brought that passion to my direct role, but I also decided to tap into my skill set to offer career counseling to younger members of the military so that they could benefit and perhaps experience a softer landing personally and professionally when they returned home from service.

Your audience will leave inspired and with a piece of every place Daniel and Audrey have visited in their hearts. And like I did, they'll do something with it.”
– Ryan McRae, Professional Writer and Trainer

“Daniel knows how to ‘tell a story.’ In every sense of the phrase: with his words and with his visuals. He effectively communicates the importance and value of story to brands. Dan and Audrey have a great story to tell, but that’s only the beginning. As travel bloggers they don’t just write about destinations, they live it, love it and (in some cases) may loath it. Their first hand experiences about destinations they’ve visited are unique, insightful and most importantly sincere.”
– Henry Woodman, President at ICE Portal


“I first saw Dan and Audrey speak at TEDx Warsaw 2013 on “What Is Your What If?” It was towards the end of the day, so we (in the audience) knew we were going to hear the main “headliner” of the day. Dan and Audrey executed their incredibly inspiring talk in tandem 🙂 It was entertaining, uplifting and probing– What is MY “what if?” Dan and Audrey's talent is that they have the power to speak to everyone's inner-selves.They know what it's like to live the everyday life, but they have the experience of traveling the world to tell people they meet their story….an authentic story that appeals to everyone who is open to risks and challenges.”
– Veronika Joy, Senior Business Analyst


“I came home from WDS 2012 raving to my wife (who wasn't there) about this crazy couple — Dan and Audrey — who spent their married life traveling the world. Just typing in your email gave me this insane burst of excitement thinking back to your talk and message. I've been working on getting us out on a six or twelve months trip for a while now and your talk put it over the edge. It's no longer an if, but when. You guys crushed that main stage. I don't believe for a second that you were a last minute addition. You two were WAY too good at telling resonant stories and trading the stage back and forth. Amazing!”
– Scott Dinsmore, Founder & CEO of Live Your Legend


“Dan and Audrey are excellent facilitators and storytellers. They actively listened to our stories and questions. Not only did they provide amazing support and encouragement, they also provided practical examples from their own personal stories to help push us out of our comfort zones, engage with each other and effectively tell our own very personal stories. They are caring, compassionate and have a great sense of humour! I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and incorporated elements of the session into my presentation. In particular, Dan and Audrey encouraged us to highlight a specific person or moment to create an impactful and passionate presentation. I highlighted two wonderful women and one particular moment that really struck me when I was volunteering. I'm so excited and proud to report that my idea was selected as the winner of The G Project based on my presentation! Thanks Dan and Audrey!”
Lee-Ann Gibbs, Consultant, Human Rights & Gender Equality Advocate, Humanitarian & Lawyer


“I've had pleasure to hear Daniel and Audrey speak on numerous occasions, most recently at ESTC, Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference. Their presentation on Digital Storytelling and Social Media was easily one of my favorites and could have easily be expanded into a half-day topic. More than a topic presentation, I saw such a nice example of ‘partnership', ‘teamwork', and ‘friendship' between this “dynamic duo”. They would absolutely supercharge, engage and enlighten any conference.”
– Joe Staiano, Responsible Tourism expert and founder of Meaningful Trip


“Daniel and Audrey’s talk at the conference I attended [WDS] was powerful, memorable and accessible in the best sense of the word. They have a great stage chemistry as well as a wealth of stories to share, in an entertaining yet profound way. Their message is universal and applicable to many levels of business and life.”
– Akira Morita, Entrepreneur and Designer


“My co-worker and I had the opportunity to attend the ESTC (Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference) in Monterrey, California in September 2012. I am a program coordinator for the Tourism-Travel and Eco-Adventure Program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario. As part of the conference I attended a sustainable tourism workshop delivered by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott. The reason for attending this workshop was in hopes of getting some new ideas and practical advice that I could incorporate into my existing website.


Daniel and Audrey spoke about quality content, storytelling, and social media in easy to understand, practical language. They included examples and tips that I felt like I could take away immediately, incorporate into my work and also suggest to students and other sustainable travel professionals.

Their workshop exceeded my expectations! Their speaking and delivery combined energy, humor, quality content and tangible takeaways in a professional yet approachable, conversational style.

It would be wonderful if all travel and educational conferences featured content like theirs! After hearing Daniel and Audrey’s presentation, I would highly recommend them as high-quality speakers/trainers. They would be an excellent addition to any conference lineup and I hope to have the opportunity to hear them speak again!”
– Giannina Veltri, Program Coordinator: Tourism-Travel and Eco-Adventure

“Daniel is an excellent public speaker. He connects with his audience and the material he presents through genuine respect, enthusiasm and joy. I am a Professional Storyteller with over a decade of experience nationally and internationally. I see many Storytellers and I believe Dan is the real article. Dan and I both presented at TEDxWarsaw and this is what I shared with him afterwards, “Dan, I I LOVED your TED talk, it was simply Brilliant. You are a GREAT Storyteller; the images shared and phrases spoken will stick in my head as valuable quotes for a long time to come.”
– Kristin Pedemonti, Lead Facilitator at Artfully Aware


“I greatly enjoyed your and Audrey’s presentation at ITB, which was clear, interesting, highly practical but also inspirational. I particularly enjoyed your insights into storytelling, which is a complex concept that you managed to explain and illustrate to a varied audience.”
– Mady Keup, SKEMA Business School, MKInternational


“Daniel and Audrey spoke about quality content, storytelling, and social media in easy to understand, practical language. They included examples and tips that I felt like I could take away immediately, incorporate into my work and also suggest to students and other sustainable travel professionals. Their workshop exceeded my expectations! Their speaking and delivery combined energy, humor, quality content and tangible takeaways in a professional yet approachable, conversational style.”
– Giannina Veltri, Tourism-Travel and Eco-Adventure Program – Confederation College, Ontario


“I saw Dan and Audrey of Uncornered Market give the closing keynote talk at TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) Dublin in October 2013. In the world of blogging, where conversions and impressions are the main “target” and indicator of the market, Daniel and Audrey at Uncornered Market have tapped into something much more permanent and lasting than the latest analytics. Having been frustrated by tour operators and DMOs that expect organic, “honest” content from ridiculously structured events, hearing UM's closing keynote at TBEX Dublin was more of a rallying cry than a “th-th-th-that's all, folks!” Dan and Audrey understand that travel is an essential exercise of the soul, and through practicing it they make their part of the world—and by extension, my own—a better place. When the all-inclusive, pillage-the-environment-and-disenfranchise-the-locals travel industry collapses in a few years, the inevitable vacuum will see all kinds of media specialists and visitor bureaus scrambling to offer the best bang for the buck, but consumers will be tired of the same repackaged baloney. Instead, they'll be looking to nourish their spirits—they'll be looking for the kind of enriching travel that Dan and Audrey are already talking about.


Dan and Audrey represent the future of travel blogging and the travel industry because they have so eloquently conveyed travel as an activity central and necessary to the human experience.”
– Zak Erving, Category 5 Creative Force

“Audrey and Dan’s talk at Providence College taught me to ask not what happens if I do make a decision, but rather what happens if I don’t. They gave me a new perspective in life and encouraged me to dream a little bigger. Their stories about the wonderful people they have met were very rewarding to hear. I look forward to keeping up with their website and following their journey!”
-Jacqueline Folan, Providence College student


“On Tuesday, September 24, Providence College welcomed Dan Noll and Audrey Scott of Uncornered Market, who have been traveling around the world together for seven years. As someone who enjoys travel, I am always excited to hear about experiences of travel whenever I get the opportunity. Dan and Audrey are truly inspiring. With their comical and engaging delivery, their talk has opened my eyes with to the fact that traveling is not just about seeing a beautiful landscape, but the people who meet and their views on life. Not every place is what the media makes it out to be. Traveling is about breaking through your comfort zone and confronting your fears head on, whatever they may be. It is safe to say that the travel bug has claimed another victim. I can now live vicariously through their online blog and follow them on their travels getting ideas and tips on where to go and what to do. And in May, when graduation rolls around, I am motivated to go out and begin my own adventure.”
– Sam Hosford, Providence College student