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Communicating sustainability to make it understandable, accessible and actionable.

Uncornered Market offers sustainability communications services for sustainable tourism organizations, travel companies and sustainability brands who want to share their initiatives, products and work in a way that engages their customers in their sustainability journey. We focus on jargon-free, story-filled and impact-oriented messaging and communication plans that make sustainability — and choosing more sustainable options — more understandable, accessible and actionable.

Our goal is not only to create more awareness around sustainability and sustainable tourism, but to remove common barriers to the intention-action gap around more sustainable choices. In other words, to spur behavior change that aligns travel decisions and actions with values around caring for our planet and its people.

Travel and sustainable tourism can be a force for good with two-way impact — benefiting both the travelers and the communities they visit. We also believe increased sustainability and sustainable tourism initiatives are experience enhancers, creating deeper connections between travelers and local people, nature, cuisine and culture. Yet, a lot of sustainability communications and sustainable tourism messaging misses this important experiential feature, leaving many potential customers — travelers, consumers, and businesses — thinking that more sustainable options mean “giving up something,” too complicated or less fun.

In addition, recent studies show that while more travelers and consumers are seeking out more sustainable options, they also have increased concerns about greenwashing. Our sustainability communications approach focuses on transparency and a journey mindset, meaning that we highlight challenges and failures in addition to celebrating successes. This transparency not only combats greenwashing and earns the trust of consumers, but it invites then to join your organization or brand on its sustainability journey.

If you believe your sustainable tourism organization, travel brand or destination is doing remarkable and impactful work in sustainable tourism, responsible travel or community development, but the communications and messaging is not reaching, resonating with or having the desired impact on your target audience (either consumer or trade), we can help. Here are some of the ways.

We focus on sustainability, in full. We are expert in linking sustainable tourism and impact travel to the enhanced experience of the traveler. Our advisory, our writing and our known voices as advocates in the industry highlight that we understand sustainable tourism as encompassing human, socioeconomic and cultural dimensions, as well as an environmental one. We use our expertise as sustainable tourism development practitioners and years of experience working with social enterprises, NGOs, and sustainability and conservation organizations to break down sustainability jargon, data and complex processes into information and advice that regular tourism companies and travelers can use and apply.

Featured Sustainability Communications Projects

Ecotourism Communications Strategy and Toolkit

Ecotourism Communications Strategy and Toolkit


Share Tweet Pin LinkedIn Created a communications strategy and toolkit to position Mediterranean ecotourism products and methodology to potential travel trade partners and donors. Included: target market analysis, messaging, channel analysis, social media tactics, and website content strategy.  MEET Network, DestiMED+ project, funded by IUCN-Med & EU Interreg Med. Share…

Sustainability in Tourism Training for Travel Entrpreneurs

Sustainability, Impact Monitoring and Marketing Workshop

Berlin, Germany

Development and delivery of a workshop on operational elements of sustainability in tourism, measuring the impact of sustainability and how to market and communicate sustainable tourism to reach new trade and consumer markets. Part of Tourism Recovery Program at Enpact, funded by GIZ and TUI Cares

Training and Facilitation

WTTC: Integrating CSR into Product Workshop

Seville, Spain

Presented and facilitated discussion with Tourism Cares and industry leaders on the benefits of integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initatives into tourism product development and sustainable destinations by working with local community organizations. Delivered at WTTC Global Summit (Seville, Spain).

GSTC Social Media & Communications Plan

GSTC Social Media & Communications Plan

Washington, D.C.

Social media, communications and messaging strategy. Emphasized the essence of sustainability, communicated to consumers and trade, without using jargon. Our work also impacted upstream communication issues and addressed planning and implementation.

Social Impact Travel Campaigns and Marketing

Social Impact Travel Campaigns

Peru, India, Nepal

Highlighted G Adventures social enterprise model and Planeterra Foundation programs through in-the-field observations. Our content and social media advocated for social enterprises in travel for trade and consumers. Highlights social impact travel delivering deeper experiences to travelers and bringing socio-economic benefit to local communities.

WTTC Sustainability Campaigns

WTTC Sustainability Campaigns

London, United Kingdom

Series of advocacy articles around the theme of “Travel as a Force for Good” for the World Travel and Trade Council (WTTC). Partners in “Redefining Tourism” and “Freedom to Travel” campaigns. Our content focused on benefits of sustainable tourism for local communities, travelers and the world through greater connection.

Social Impact Travel Photography Exhibition

Social Impact Photography Exhibitions

Berlin, Germany

Provided imagery, curation, copy and opening remarks for photography exhibitions focused on Women in Development — investing in women and integration of women into tourism value chain – for International Women's Day, ITB Berlin. Co-sponsored by G Adventures and Lonely Planet.

Social Impact Travel Product Positioning

Social Impact Travel Product Positioning

Tanzania, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil

Positioning, storytelling and evaluation of Planeterra Foundation social impact projects and social enterprise partners. Feedback on new local tour products to improve traveler experience and local connection. Positioning of G Adventures' social enterprise model, including market access for local organizations and community socioeconomic benefit.

Adventure Travel Ambassador

Adventure Travel Brand Ambassador

Various, Worldwide

Marketing campaigns, content creation and sustainability storytelling for G Adventures around its tour experiences, social enterprise model, and social impact travel. Advocacy and thought-leadership in responsible tourism, sustainable tourism, adventure travel, women in development, child welfare, animal welfare and the economic and social impact of tourism.

Microfinance Social Impact Marketing

Microfinance Social Impact Marketing

Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, India, C. America

Marketing and social impact advisory for microfinance organizations and recipient partners. Special focus on how clients' ( and Five Talents) microfinance programs empower marginalized women through local, community-based initiatives. Provided photographic assets, profiles, stories and marketing/positioning copy used in fundraising and promotional campaigns.

Ecolodge Digital Marketing Plan

Luxury Ecolodge Digital Marketing Plan

Playa Ocotal, Nicaragua

Assessment of product, operations and experience at Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge for integration of sustainable tourism storytelling, positioning and content marketing. Created a digital marketing and social media report and plan to reflect sustainability and integrate connection to local nature, people and family for visitors and staff.

Lanzarote: Positioning & Content Marketing

Lanzarote: Positioning & Content Marketing

Lanzarote, Spain

Sustainable tourism and cultural tourism content strategy and social media plan. Our work focused on the translation and mobilization of a newly developed Lanzarote marketing strategy which aimed to promote its local cultural and culinary experiences and assets over mass tourism offerings.

Social Impact Storytelling Workshop

Social Impact Storytelling Workshop

Manual Antonio NP, Costa Rica

Sustainability storytelling workshop and facilitation for finalists of the G Project at the “Summit in the Jungle” in Costa Rica. This event was the culmination of a worldwide competition to fund a social enterprise project concept.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism Marketing Workshop

Berlin, Germany

Workshop for DMOs, tour companies and other sustainability leaders on effective marketing, positioning and storytelling of sustainable tourism to travel consumers. Training on effective messaging and storytelling on the benefits of sustainable tourism for travelers and communities without using jargon or technical language. Funded by Sustainable Travel International (STI).

Sustainability Trainings and Webinars

Sustainable Tourism Webinars & Training

Various, Worldwide

Training and webinars on the topics of sustainable tourism development and sustainability marketing for different clients and sustainable tourism organizations. Clients have included: Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), TIES/ESTC, among others.

IUCN-Med Communications Toolkit & Training

IUCN-Med Conservation Communications Toolkit

Andalusia, Spain

Created a communications toolkit to position and promote IUCN-Med and its evolving strategy to potential donors. Topic focus: biodiversity, conservation and socioeconomic impact in the Mediterranean region (Europe, North Africa, Middle East). Developed and delivered a communications workshop on how to effectively use the toolkit. Funded by IUCN-Med.

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