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Note: projects featured below highlight training we've delivered, plus retreats and think tanks we've facilitated. If you'd like instead to engage us as keynote speakers at your next event or conference, check out our Speaking Page for more details.

Featured Training & Facilitation Projects

UNWTO Talk on Role of Digital Marketing During Challenging News Cycles

UNWTO: Marketing in Negative News Cycles

Marsa Alam, Egypt

UNWTO case study talk: how social media and digital storytelling can be used to shift destination perceptions and address travel safety concerns during challenging news cycles. Delivered to UNWTO Tourism & Media conference based on our campaign results with Egyptian Tourism Authority (ETA).

Training: Social Media, Influencer/Blogger Marketing

Training: Social Media, Influencer/Blogger Marketing


Training and webinars on the topics of digital storytelling, social media, and how to work effectively with bloggers/influencers. Clients have included: ITB Berlin, Visit Berlin, WYSE, Eye for Travel, ITTFA (Belgrade, Serbia), and more.

Sustainability Trainings and Webinars

Sustainable Tourism Webinars & Training

Various, Worldwide

Training and webinars on the topics of sustainable tourism development and sustainability marketing for different clients and sustainable tourism organizations. Clients have included: Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), TIES/ESTC, among others.

Sustainable Tourism Think Tank

Sustainable Tourism Think Tank

Malaga, Spain + Rome, Italy

Development and facilitation of a full-day Think Tank event to surface and organize sustainable tourism innovation and cooperation concepts. Participants included Mediterranean (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) leaders in sustainable tourism, conservation and protected areas management. Funded by IUCN-Med & WWF Med.

Facilitation Strategy Retreat

Sustainable Tourism Strategy Retreat

Bristol, United Kingdom

Development and facilitation of a two-day strategy offsite retreat to translate strategic objectives into prioritized sustainable tourism, collaboration and marketing initiatives. Included strategy review. Funded by Travel Foundation.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism Marketing Workshop

Berlin, Germany

Workshop for DMOs, tour companies and other sustainability leaders on effective marketing, positioning and storytelling of sustainable tourism to travel consumers. Training on effective messaging and storytelling on the benefits of sustainable tourism for travelers and communities without using jargon or technical language. Funded by Sustainable Travel International (STI).

Social Impact Storytelling Workshop

Social Impact Storytelling Workshop

Manual Antonio NP, Costa Rica

Sustainability storytelling workshop and facilitation for finalists of the G Project at the “Summit in the Jungle” in Costa Rica. This event was the culmination of a worldwide competition to fund a social enterprise project concept.

IUCN-Med Communications Toolkit & Training

IUCN-Med Conservation Communications Toolkit

Andalusia, Spain

Created a communications toolkit to position and promote IUCN-Med and its evolving strategy to potential donors. Topic focus: biodiversity, conservation and socioeconomic impact in the Mediterranean region (Europe, North Africa, Middle East). Developed and delivered a communications workshop on how to effectively use the toolkit. Funded by IUCN-Med.

Ethical Global Learning and Volunteering Symposium

Ethical Global Learning & Volunteering Symposium

Kansas State University

Development and facilitation of a 5-day event on “Ethical Global Partnerships, Learning, and Service.” Engaged 40 international academic and industry leaders across the service learning and volunteering fields. Funded by Kansas State University, Staley School of Leadership Studies.

Destination Marketing Training

Destination Storytelling & Marketing

Belgrade, Serbia

Training of DMOs and travel companies in the Balkans on how to use storytelling techniques for destination and tourism digital marketing. Included specific social media strategies, platforms and tools that enable exposure, engagement and brand advocacy. Delivered at ITTFA Belgrade, Serbia. Funded by Danube Competence Center (DCC).

COVID Recovery Task Force

Covid-19 Recovery Task Force Facilitation

Remote, Worldwide

Served as facilitators and practitioner collaborators in the Travel Foundation COVID Recovery Task Force.  Moderated a 40+ member discussion channel composed of destinations, companies and NGO stakeholders on pandemic recovery and integration of sustainable tourism initiatives.

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