Country and City Travel Guides: Explore the Unusual

Not your ordinary destination travel guides.

For curious travelers who want to explore the unusual, connect locally and go deeper into a place and its culture, our Experiential Travel Guides are for you. These are not your ordinary destination travel guides. Instead, our Experiential Travel Guides highlight offbeat, unusual and local experiences that help you explore a new city, region or country in a way that goes way beyond the top ten checklist.

Our travel guides tend to highlight some offbeat destinations that that might not have originally been on your travel radar, but perhaps they should be. In more mainstream and popular locations, we look for the unusual and unique to get away from the crowds and perhaps explore differently.

In addition to historical, cultural and other interesting background information, our city and country guides also include practical travel planning details like things to do, transportation, accommodation, food recommendations, and other information to help with the logistics of organizing your trip. In other words, we try to put in one place all the information we would have wanted to know before we took our trip.

Country and Regional Travel Guides: Explore the Unusual

City Travel Guides: Go Local and Offbeat

Country Reflections: History, Culture, and Life Today

Our First Impressions series are not as much of a practical travel guide than observations, learning, reflections and often surprises about a country. These are based on discussions we have with local people, research and our own observations traveling through a country.

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