Best Hikes Around the World

Hiking Guides for Multi-Day and Day Hikes

What are some of the best hikes around the world that you've done? Which are the best places to hike around the world? What are your favorite treks in the world, whether day hikes or multi-day treks? And how do you plan, prepare and pack to make sure you have all the hiking essentials without carrying too much?

We'll answer all of these questions and more with our comprehensive hiking guides filled with recommendations for best multi-day treks, day hikes and other long walks.

Hiking Guides to the Best Hikes and Treks in the World

We find that we are increasingly drawn to long hikes in nature that allow us to disconnect from the craziness of the world while we reconnect with Mother Nature and ultimately ourselves. We've gone hiking on all continents, from the top of Tanzania to the jungles of Colombia. Over the years we've found ourselves seeking out unusual hiking trails or offbeat places to hike so that we can not only enjoy the hike without the crowds, but often these unusual hikes take us to some pretty interesting and unusual places, too.

Each time we write a hiking guide we always try to make them as comprehensive as possible, including all the information that we wanted to know when we were planning our hike — all in one place. This includes not only information on hiking trails and what to expect, but also practical details on hiking essentials to pack and how to prepare for the hike.

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Even more information on favorite hikes around the world:

What are your hiking essentials and how do you pack for a hike?

Our hiking gear and packing strategies have evolved — and improved tremendously — over the years. We've now gotten pretty good at packing what we need for different weather and situations so we have flexibility and comfort, but without overpacking and carrying too much.

Any life lessons from the tops of mountains?

Here are some musings on some of the life lessons and other things we've learned while hiking and immersing ourselves in the beauty of this world's nature.

What is the difference between trekking and hiking?

To us, not much. Whether to use the term “trek” or “hike” is more a matter of what's more common where you live. This article does a good job breaking it down if you really want to go into the details, but we're using the two words somewhat interchangeably to represent going out and walking in nature for a period of time, whether for a day or multiple days.

This is different from mountaineering that usually involves specialized rock climbing gear and technical skills and backpacking that usually involves camping gear.

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