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Uncornered Market is a personal blog written and edited by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott. Everything you see is written and created by us — and only us — based on our first-hand experiences with a place, company, service or product. This is our commitment to our readers to ensure quality information and advice on this site. Please read our Editorial Policy for more details.

In order to support ourselves to be able to keep providing stories and travel information from around the world for free on this website, we earn money from this site and offer a variety of services.

We do work with travel companies, destinations and tourism boards on projects where they will provide us a travel experience and sometimes compensate us for the content we create and the work that we do. We will always disclose this relationship and will not allow it to influence the content, approach or topics we choose to write about. Our goal, whether on a sponsored or fully-paid-by-us trip, is to provide useful and accurate information and advice to our readers. When writing about travel experiences, products or services, we apply the principle: “Would I recommend this to my mother or best friend?

Please note that Uncornered Market does have relationships with some of the companies and products mentioned or advertised on this blog. Some of the links in our articles and travel resources pages include affiliate links for products and services that we use and recommend. If you purchase these through our website with this link, the price stays the same to you and we get a percentage as a commission to help support us so we can continue to share stories like this from around the world. You are not obligated to click on any link or buy any products that are advertised.

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We take great pride in ensuring that the content on this site is of a high quality and accurate, and from companies and services that we use ourselves and recommend. If we don’t believe in the company or what it is offering, we won’t share it. Your trust is most important to us.