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At 5:30 AM on inauguration day – in a haze of sleep deprivation and anticipation – Audrey and I parted. She headed to the inaugural parade staging area to join the Peace Corps contingent and I, with a Pennsylvania Ave and 10th Street press pass in hand, headed toward the parade route.

The Obamas - Washington DC, USA
The Obamas on Pennsylvania Avenue, 2009 Inauguration.

Before we share our stories, we offer a taste of our 2009 Presidential Inauguration experiences in images.

Photo Set: 2009 Presidential Inauguration

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  1. Pete De Ritter says

    My daughter and I watched the Inauguration parade. We saw the Peace Corp contingent. It was the best part of the parade for me. I couldn’t pick out Audrey because she wasn’t circled in red like in your slide show but it was really cool knowing you were there. It must have been quite an experience.

  2. Anne S says

    Great photos. So glad you got to take part in this historic day, and that Dan was able to take some really spectacular photos. Nice work!

  3. Radim says

    Great pictures. Even the Czech newspapers and TV news somehow managed to bring the emotions of the Day to us here. I remember similar emotions, smiles and eyes full of hope being in the streets of Prague the day we entered EU.

  4. says

    Thanks everyone. Check out The Inauguration, He Said: Of Mobs and Men, for the full path I had to take to get photos on the inaugural parade route.

    @Radim: We also remember the day when the Czech Republic entered the EU. I think we were somewhere near Kampa Park watching the Leningrad Cowboys. After the concert, it was a party in the streets. Wasn’t that also the day that the new Kino Svetozor opened its doors?

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