A Dumpling Dance and The World’s Longest Noodles: Kashgar’s Street Food Scene

Bearded men, women in headscarves, pulled laghman noodles, pressed pomegranates, a boy who prepares his own vinegar sauce, and two Hoshang dumpling makers doing a dance around a traditional ceramic oven. This is China’s Kashgar night market.

Given the amount of attention we’ve paid to Kashgar and China’s Xinjiang Province, you might think us obsessed, or suspect that we’re being paid by the Kashgar Tourism Board. You can decide about the former, but we can firmly deny the latter.

But this is our last word on the place, at least for a while. Enjoy the video.

Video: Kashgar’s Night Food Market

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  1. Jaimee says

    Dear Audrey & Dan,

    Fantastic videos and food pics. Have always wanted to do a 3 month China trip and deeply explore their culture and food..especially street food as i reckons its most authentic wherever it may be. Gotta speed up my plan….ur photos really made me can’t wait to be there right now sampling all the yummie…thks guys. Really envy ur trips n enriching experiences!

  2. says

    Jaimee, thanks. China is a terrific and diverse country to explore street food. And if our experience is any measure, the Chinese food in China is much different (and much better) than the exported Chinese food you find in most restaurants around the world. Don’t forget to visit Xinjiang and try Uighur cuisine!

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