Panorama of the Week: Rainbows at Dawn — El Hoyo Volcano, Nicaragua

While we’re not usually ones to wake up early, sometimes we’ve been rewarded for the effort when we have. Waking up to double rainbows while camping atop El Hoyo volcano in Nicaragua was one of those moments.

The previous day’s trek to the top of the volcano was brutal at times, especially when Dan dragged me down Cerro Negro (volcano #1). Despite all the scrapes on my legs and aches in my muscles, I woke up energized by this sunrise view. Nature will do that to you.

Panorama: Sunrise Rainbows Atop El Hoyo Volcano, Nicaragua

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If you do find yourself in Leon, Nicaragua, consider taking a trek with Quetzal Trekkers. They organize several volcano treks, including this one called El Hoyo. All the proceeds from the treks goes to helping street kids and we’ve found the dedication and passion of the volunteer guides hard to beat. A great experience all the way around.

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  1. says

    I remember doing that hike; one of the high moments of our time in Central America. Well, except for the bout of dysentery that everyone got after eating tainted food, but the scenery made up for it.

    Congrats on Kilimanjaro, by the way!

  2. Bluegreen Kirk says

    My wife hates waking up but with view like those who would want to stay asleep. Thanks for the wonderful panorama.

  3. says

    @Kyle: This trek was one of our fondest memory in Central America as well. Love Quetzal Trekkers. Although, I’m really glad we did it minus the dysentery…

    @Kirk: We’re usually late risers as well, but with views like this it’s worth it to pull yourself out of bed.

    @Angela: This trek in Nicaragua is not easy, but very rewarding with views and a feeling of accomplishment. Hope you have a chance to experience it for yourself one day.

    @Claire: Even if you don’t go trekking around Leon, do try to stop there when you’re going through Nicaragua. We actually preferred Leon to Granada. And when you do get there, seek out the Quetzal Trekkers office to see what treks they have coming up. Good fun.

  4. says

    @Sabrina: Beautiful scenery and an early flight/bus to catch are the two things that get me out of bed early. Otherwise, I try to sleep in as long as I can as well :)

  5. says

    Awesome panoramic pic! the view there must be even more beautiful in person. thanks for the tip on the Trekkers, looks like we’ll be stopping in Leon on the way back home! again, amazing pic you posted =)

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