Panorama of the Week: Egypt’s Red Pyramid

Dahshur, Egypt. As we pulled up to the Red Pyramid, we noticed there was something missing — people.

No tourists, no vendors, no camel drivers trying to pull us onto their decorated beasts for a photo op. It was delightfully quiet, almost eerily so. Only our small group. For visitors like us, it was one of the benefits of visiting last month when tourist numbers in Egypt had dropped off almost 85% from year before.

In silence and open space, we were able to take it in and appreciate all that the Red Pyramid had to offer inside — worth the crab-walk all the way down a steep stairwell — and out.

Open the panorama below to see for yourself.

(If you look closely, you’ll see the “bent” pyramid in the distance. Someone didn’t do too well in geometry class 4,000 years ago.)

Panorama: Red Pyramid of Dahshur, Egypt

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  1. says

    @Pooja: So glad you enjoyed this! It was pretty awesome to have the place to ourselves.

    @Ellen: The sky was pretty amazing on that day – we were lucky with weather. Our visit to Egypt was rather short – really hope we have a chance to return and see more.

  2. says

    Those clouds are absolutely amazing! The blue of the sky is so vibrant! I am from the Northwest, so I rarely get to see that glowing orb in the sky! The sky is so beautiful it almost competes with the majesty of the pyramid. How lucky that not only did you not have to deal with the crowds, but you got these amazing photos without a littering of tourists to clog up the flow of the photo.

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