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Know you should be using social media but don’t know where to start? Or you don’t know how to do it with limited resources?

Know you could be telling your story to consumers better, but don’t know how to begin? Or how market that story to them in an effective way?

That’s where we can help. Here’s how.

Explain your tourism-related business to Dan, give him a few minutes or a few days to think about it. Then sit down while he explains what your business really is, in the form of an infinitely more interesting story.

Audrey and Daniel represent the top combination of New Media strategists and practitioners in our industry.

How we can work together

Here are just a few of the many ways we’ve added value and delivered to tourism boards, PR companies, eco-lodges, sustainable tourism organizations, travel service companies and more:

Just contact us to get the conversation started or give us a call at: +1 415 320-6395

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Social Media Strategy and Execution

Social media that converts is not about the numbers, but about the engagement and relationship you build with your consumers. We’ll help you grow your online community and develop engagement strategies that fit with your target consumers and meet your business goals.

Some companies hire us to create a social media strategy only, while others prefer to engage us to execute the strategy to build the online community for them. We can also train your staff with the tools and tactics to effectively implement the strategy yourself.

In one month alone the online followers of GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) tripled. This was the creative work of Audrey Scott and her partner Dan Noll from Uncornered Market. Through creative and relevant content and constant outreach, Audrey and Dan promoted an important dialogue around sustainable tourism and built valuable followers.

Strategic Storytelling for Digital Marketing

Your potential customer sees over 6,000 advertisements each day. How do you cut through the noise using digital and social media tools? Here’s where we tie storytelling techniques to the core of a content marketing strategy. We work with you to create a content strategy that brings in new clients, makes you an authority in the your field or converts to sales.

We identify core story and experience angles that are tied directly to your
business and develop a content strategy to connect consumers to your brand story through your website, blog, and social media. Then, we work together to develop content that builds trust with consumers, brings in sales, and builds brand advocates.

Dan and Audrey are excellent facilitators and storytellers. Not only did they provide amazing support and encouragement, they also provided practical examples from their own personal stories to help push us out of our comfort zones, engage with each other and effectively tell our own very personal stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and incorporated elements of the session into my presentation.

I'm so excited and proud to report that my idea was selected as the winner of The G Project based on my presentation!

Lee-Ann Gibbs
Lee-Ann Gibbs
Consultant, Planeterra Foundation

Training and Workshops

Lost on how to use social media and content marketing effectively…with limited resources?

We offer a series of workshops and training that are not only strategic, but also practical. You’ll come away with tools and techniques to implement your social media or content strategy. This isn’t just about creating awareness, but about converting audience into purchasing customers.

  • Social media strategies, best practices and tools: we train you and your staff to in the social media platforms, as well as low cost effective tools to manage and deliver content on multiple social media platforms without losing your mind…or blowing your budget.
  • Online campaign lifecycle: how to marketing goals with online media, blogger, influencer and journalist campaigns.
  • Storytelling meets social media and

We engaged Audrey and Daniel as trainers for our PR team at visitBerlin in half-day customized workshop. They surprised us and made us think differently about our work.

During the presentation they inspired participants to develop new project ideas and they provided ways to use our current assets and resource to promote Berlin as a destination and visitBerlin as a brand. They combine energy, humor, quality content and practical takeaways in a professional yet approachable, conversational style.

Digital Storytelling for Destinations and Journeys

Need a new story angle to breathe life into a destination or brand? Perhaps you’d like to change the perception of your destination due to safety concerns or negative press? Interested in sharing the more human and personal side of your destination? Or drawing people in through its food and culture? This is what we do. We are storytellers who communicate your brand as an experience. And we do it all with a personal voice and authority from over six years of travel.

For more information on our reach, approach, demographics and what story angles and content we can bring to a project please take a look at our Media Kit.

Dan and Audrey of were actually the first of the travel bloggers that JTB hosted on press trips in 2011, and I must say, they set a very high standard for the rest of the bloggers we hosted.

Instead of the superficial, touristy coverage of the country, they [Audrey and Dan] delved into its hidden treasures to not only shed light on things not usually reported on, but also to entice others to travel and experience a country in a different way.

They were exceptionally great to work with; they’re extremely professional, and knew exactly what we needed. Their coverage is well-timed, insightful, and genuine.

Daniel is one of the top bloggers in travel and I have been fortunate enough to work with him on campaigns with tourism boards as well as content creation for G Adventures' blog. Daniel is also an amazing public speaker with his wife Audrey and I have been lucky enough to see them work their magic on stage at TBEX Dublin and ITB Berlin...huge assets to the travel industry and brands should definitely want to work alongside them as they are outstanding storytellers that produce phenomenal content on both their blog and in real-time via social media.

Why Work with Daniel and Audrey?

Why work with us? Experience, trust, perspective. That’s what we bring to everything we do. Oh, and we’re funny and accessible, too.

We left our traditional consulting and business careers of over 20 years (combined) to pursue a dream of traveling around the world on what was meant to be a 12-18 month sabbatical. Along the way we built our travel blog and business from the ground up into one of the leading travel blogs and social media influencers in the travel industry.

  1. We bring a consumer focus. Because of our blog and social media footprint, our work with partners in the travel industry, and our active travel and sustainable travel consumption, we bring a unique and grounded consumer angle to marketing projects and product development.
  2. We know how to build and manage social media communication with limited resources. With the right frameworks and tools, social media need not be time and resource intensive. We also know how to find and leverage existing content (created by your agents and others).
  3. We know how to effectively create online influencer and blogger campaigns. We can train on the full cycle: determining campaign goals and success criteria in line with marketing objectives, sourcing partners, planning, executing and evaluating a successful campaign.
  4. We have hands on experience. The topics we speak, train, facilitate and consult on are based on extensive firsthand professional experience. We share not only theory and best practices, but more importantly we provide road-tested practical tools and techniques that can immediately be put to use by clients.

I love their [Dan and Audrey's] approach to life – they’re filled with curiosity, adventure and good-will to the people of this world.

What makes us different?

We are active practitioners in all that we consult on and train in, having been in the trenches of the tourism and social media industry for over six years. And we bring the perspective of travel experts who have visited over 80 countries with uncountable travel experiences of every budget and flavor. We understand the travel industry (B2B), but we bring the consumer perspective (B2C).