Peaks of the Balkans Trek: Itinerary, Accommodation, Transport

If you are interested in trekking the Peaks of the Balkans route or a modified version of it (what we did), be sure to check out Peaks of the Balkans Trail, Day by Day and the Peaks of the Balkans Beginner's Guide for more information.

You can also contact Zbulo! Discover Albania, the trekking agency we used if you need even more details.

DayRouteDistance / HoursAccommodation Transport and Estimated Costs (2015)
1Shkodër (Shkodra) - Lake Komani - Valbona Valley (Albania)4 km/ 2-3 hours from Dragobi to ValbonaValbona (Albania): Rezidenca Mountain HotelPublic bus will pick you up in Shkodër at 6:30AM (500 lek/person), ferry is 3 hours (500 lek/person), private transport from ferry to Dragobi (3,000 lek)
2Valbona - Qafa Perslopit - Cerem (Albania)16 km / 8-10 hoursCerem (Albania): Kujtim Gocaj, family guesthouse
3Cerem - Doberdol (Albania)14 km / 7-8 hoursDoberdol (Albania): Manol Vatnikaj, shepherd hut (simplest accommodation, but setting and feeling so great)
4Doberdol - Mt. Gjervica (Kosovo)- Gropa Erenikut 18 km / 8 hoursPrizren (Kosovo): Hotel PrizreniPrivate transport from Gropa Erenikut to Prizren (2-3 hours), €100
5Prizren - Velika Hoca - Rahovec - Dranoc - Decani Monastery - Peja Patariarchi - Reke e Alleges (Kosovo)Cultural day - all driving, no hiking. Reka e Alleges (Kosovo): Mustafa and Fetije Nikci (Ariu Guesthouse)Private transport for Kosovo cultural day = €100. This could be skipped or put at end so you could do it independently with rental car (cheaper).
6Reka e Alleges - Mt. Hajla - Drelaj (Kosovo)16 km / 8-10 hours Drelaj (Kosovo): Ilir Shala (Shqiponja Guesthouse)Food here is excellent. Also, the grandfather is very sweet.
7Liqenat - Babino Polje (Montenegro) 16 km / 7 hoursBabino Polje (Montenegro): Armend Alija, Triangle Wood HouseTook transport from Drelaj to Liqenat (€15).
8Babino Polje - Hrid Lake - Plav (Montenegro)25 km / 10 hoursPlav (Montenegro): Hotel Kula Damjanova - not really recommended as kind of expensive & tried to charge us for 5 people instead of 3Treskavica - Plav is along paved road, not all that interesting. Suggest arranging transport from Treskavica to Vermosh (probably €30) to stay in family guest house and skip Plav.
9Vermosh - Mt. Grebenit - Lepushe (Albania)16 km Lepushe (Albania): Luigj Cekaj, Hotel Alpini Transport from Plav to Albanian border (€10).
10Lepushe - Mt. Taljanka - Grabaja (Montenegro)12 km Gusinje (Montenegro): Hotel Kula (really nice owner and good food in restaurant, €10/person)Transport from Grabaja to Gusinje = €10. Possible to spend the night at Eko Katun in Grabaja (€8-€10/person) and take transport to Vusanje next day (€20).
11Vusanje - Mt. Arepi - Theth (Albania)18 km Theth (Albania): Fatmir Berishta (Berishta Guesthouse)Transport Gusinje -Vusanje (€10).
12Theth - Waterfall - Nderlysa (Albania)10 km Nderlysa (Albania): Dede Nika (Nika guesthouse)
13Nderlysa - Blue Eye - Shkodër (Albania)5 km Shkodër (Albania): Familja Paja on Airbnb, includes very appreciated washing machinePublic transport from Nderlysa - Shkodër = 4 hours (1000 lek/person)
Peaks of the Balkans Guide

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