Our Favorite Luggage and Camera-Laptop Bags

The more we travel, the more we realize how little we really need. We still carry too much. But these are the bags we use to help us carry not only our clothes, but also our camera and electronic gear that we need to keep working while on the road.

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Audrey's Luggage and Bags

  • Eagle Creek Rincon Vita Backpack (75 liters): This backpack replaced an original Eagle Creek Maiden Voyage (70 liters) that Audrey used for 6 years. What I like about the backpack: that it is lockable and that you can zip up the straps (very useful for checking in bags). But, the new Rincon Vita backpack doesn’t have a zipped mesh section to throw in odds and ends like the Maiden Voyage. Still recommend the Rincon Vita Backpack, but hope they add back the inside mesh section in future versions…
  • Eagle Creek Load Warrior™ Wheeled Duffel 25: After only carrying a backpack for years I now appreciate the ease of wheeled luggage and have started using this wheeled duffel bag from Eagle Creek. The wheels on this bag are really sturdy, making it no problem on Berlin's cobblestone roads or construction. The bag itself is also very light, which I very much appreciate as we live on the 5th floor without an elevator. Zippers are tough and I like how the bag allows extra space with an expandable section in the front.
  • Day Camera Bag: We like this Lowepro bag because it has a comfortable waist belt that you can use when hiking or taking long walks that takes the weight off the shoulders. It also has a plastic cover that helps during rainstorms. Down sides: it’s a bit bulky to fit into the backpack or suitcase when we're not using it.
  • JustPorter Hazen Backpack: This backpack is just about perfect for short trips when you need to take your laptop, but don't want to carry a bunch of stuff. This backpack is sturdy, well-designed and it is actually really comfortable. I used it on my Eurail week-long trip around Europe and I walked hours and hours in it without pain. Highly recommended.

Dan's Backpack and Bags

  • Eagle Creek Rincon Backpack (90 Liters): This replaced an original Eagle Creek Grand Voyage (90 liters) that Dan used for 6 years. See Audrey’s feedback above about what’s good and bad about the backpack.
  • Eagle Creek Load Warrior™ Wheeled Duffel 32: While Dan still uses his backpack, he now appreciates the ease of wheeled luggage and has started using this wheeled duffel bag from Eagle Creek. This bag is sturdy and tough, making it easy to wheel it over cobblestones, construction or steps. It is quite big and roomy, making for easy packing. Zippers and fabric are tough and I like how the ochre color stands out at the luggage carousel.
  • Eagle Creek Afar Laptop Backpack: This replaced the Crumpler laptop backpack above. What I like about it is that it is roomy and can fit a laptop (13-inch), iPad, external harddrives, plugs and adaptors, and other bibs and bobs with ample space. Also, it doesn't scream “laptop bag,” which helps with safety when traveling. The waist strap makes it comfortable to wear for hours and hours as it takes the weight off the shoulders. I do wish that the outer laptop zipper section was able to be locked like the other two zippered sections.
  • Dry Sack: When you’re off trekking, kayaking, horseback riding or zodiacing around Antarctica, there is always the risk that Mother Nature decides to dump buckets on you. Here is where the simple yet mighty dry sack comes to the rescue, especially with camera gear. Relatively lightweight and inexpensive peace of mind.

We both use Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes in various sizes for holding our clothes, electronics and medicines – all your stuff is one place, meaning that you don’t have to go reaching around your pack looking for a pair of socks, a t-shirt or band-aids. And, when the bus leaves in 5 minutes, it’s much easier to pack up.

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