Panorama of the Week: Scotland’s Eilean Donan Castle

If dreams really do come true, you could say that the Scottish Highland castle of Eilean Donan is proof.

Aye, the story — it goes something like this.

It was the early 1900s. Eilean Donan castle had been destroyed over 200 years earlier, and nothing but rubble remained on the island where it had once stood. A man named Farquhar MacRae was commissioned to help rebuild the castle, to restore the structure to its previous glory and grandeur. The only problem: there were no plans of the original structure that could guide its reconstruction.

Then, one night, a vision of the original castle in elaborate detail came to Farquhar in his dreams. With the dream fresh, he hastily scribbled and sketched his vision. He eventually completed the plans and the castle was rebuilt accordingly.

Years later, long after the Eilean Donan Castle reconstruction was completed, someone had discovered the original architectural plans for it in the Edinburgh Castle archives. When specialists compared MacRae’s dream-vision reconstruction to that of the original plans, they found something quite remarkable: MacRae’s dream and the original plans were 98% the same.

The 2% that differed? We don’t know. But we’ll take 2% as the margin of error on dreams coming true, any day.

Open the panorama up to full screen to admire Eilean Donan Castle on a surprisingly bright Scottish Highland winter day.

Panorama: Eilean Donan Castle, Scottish Highlands

panorama directions

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  1. says

    SO awesome. Thanks for that panoramic view. I read the story in the last post and look forward to see what this one had in store. I need to get to Scotland!

  2. says

    Yes dreams and story telling… something I will miss dearly (and already miss) about the scots and scotland. Sigh.. nobody to tell me stories in the dark now! Great panorama effect.. gotta show me how you do it;)

  3. says

    @Lori: Glad you enjoyed this panorama and the story. It’s hard to talk about Scotland and NOT tell a story : )

    @Ciki: We’re missing it as well here in Berlin. Maybe we should round up all the Scots in town and hold a party. We’ll show you how we do this next time we meet…somewhere in this big (but small) world of ours!

    @Andi: Thank you!

  4. katushabe allan says

    really so beatiful wish i could go to all place such as this in the world anyways hopefully thanks for sharing with us

  5. says

    I’ve just come across this after Wandering Walters shared your ’10 Ways Travel Helps You Let Go’. I’ve just come back from a road trip, specifically to see Eilean Donan after I saw it in a magazine. It’s so beautiful! I didn’t know about the lack of plans when the restoration started though, cool if a little weird…

  6. says

    @Rachel: Great to see you here. Definitely a lot of worthwhile castle action in Scotland, Eilean Donan among them. And the restoration story is, as is oft the case in Scotland, a good story.

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