Kerala Days

We arrived in India with mild travel trepidation. Aside from the monsoon-like rains which greeted our arrival, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how relaxed life is in the southern Indian state of Kerala. 

To give you an idea, we offer a photographic mosaic and a few highlights from our first two days.

Kerala Mosaic - Kerala, India
A visual tour of Kerala, India.

Top 5 Highlights from Fort Cochin

  • Cricket lessons in a Muslim back-street courtyard somewhere between Mattancherry and Fort Cochin. Getting lost here is nothing short of a blast.
  • Walking past a school as the final bell struck. Imagine hundreds of children in uniform piling into auto rickshaws, all the while waving furiously (at the foreigners).
  • Eating Kerala “red rice” thalis at Sri Krishna vegetarian cafe. We were both stuffed to the gills with six different curries, rice, chapati, lemon and mango sodas, and coffees…for less than $2.
  • Watching Kathakali dancers meticulously apply their colorful make-up for over an hour before an expectation-beating performance.
  • Taking an after-lunch nap while floating under the palm trees and along the canals of Kerala’s backwaters.

We’re off to catch a bus further south to Alleppey (Alapphuza). More later.

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  1. Pete De Ritter says

    I looked up It looks like a beautiful place. Hope you enjoy your rime there. Wish I could be there but I’m going back to work today. Starting out with 20 hours per week to ease back into it. Will be using a wheelchair since I still can’t bear weight. I’d much rather be home following your travels.

  2. says

    Kodaikanal is a really beautiful place. My mother went to school at Kodai International School for a few years 50+ years ago, so there is a family connection to this place as well.

    Glad to hear you are well enough to be back at work part-time!

  3. ken says

    hey, i know exactly what you mean. i worked in kochi for approximately 5 months, and everyday after work i’d try to lose myself in fort kochis back streets and play soccer with the kids, or watch them play cricket. good days.

  4. says

    Ken: Kochi would be a fun place to be for five months – the back streets really are a blast. We were pleasantly surprised at how welcoming and friendly people were towards us. Kerala red rice was a nice treat as well.

  5. Bonnie says

    Hi Audrey and Daniel!

    I’m heading to India soon and have been on the hunt for any blogs offering insights into what I can expect there. (Things they don’t tell you in guidebooks!)

    I really enjoyed your writing (and beautiful photography) on India, it’s so refreshing to find a well-written, insightful and entertaining travel blog.

    The food pictures were especially mouth watering… Can’t wait to get my hands on some of that amazing Indian food…. especially paneer!

    Happy travels, and keep up the good work!

    Sydney, Australia

  6. says

    @Bonnie: Thanks for visiting and your kind words about our website. We’ll be writing more about India and uploading many more photos from this fascinating place. We hope our stories and photos help give you a feel for what to expect and seek out in India.

    And, you’re right – the food really is incredible. We want to go back each time we think about the quality and variety of dishes available even in the most simple of canteens. A vegetarian’s dream, too.

    Safe travels and enjoy your visit to India!

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