Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Your Thoughts (A Survey)

Earlier this summer, Uncornered Market celebrated its third birthday. So, it’s no longer a toddler; it’s beyond the “terrible twos.”

While the layout of Uncornered Market has remained the same all this time, we and the nature of Uncornered Market have evolved. So it’s time to spiff up the virtual home we’ve built and bring it up to date.

And we’d like to get your help.

First step: we’d like to hear your thoughts on how we can improve and grow Uncornered Market. Please take a few minutes to fill out a survey.

We understand your time is precious. To us, your feedback is even more so.

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Uncornered Market

A thank you from the Uncornered Market construction team.

It’s been a pretty incredible ride so far and it’s far from over. We tip our hats to you — and to the future.

Photo credit: Benjamin Arthur

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