Crete Food: A Culinary Travel Guide

What is Crete food? What is traditional Cretan cuisine? Which dishes should you seek out and what sort of dishes and flavors might you find when you visit this Greek island? This Crete Food Culinary Travel Guide provides answers with an overview of Cretan cuisine, including its famous olive oil, and our favorite mezze, traditional Cretan dishes, desserts and drinks from our travels across the island.

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Bangladesh Food: A Culinary Travel Guide

What is Bangladesh food? Or more correctly, Bangladeshi food? Which dishes should you seek out and what sort of flavors and spices might you find when you visit the country? This Bangladesh Food Guide shares some of our favorite Bangladeshi dishes, meals and experiences from traveling around Bangladesh for almost six weeks and trying all different kinds of Bangladeshi foods on the street, in tea stalls, canteens, restaurants and in village homes.

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Bali Food: A Balinese Culinary Travel Guide

Ah, Bali food. Our relationship with Balinese cuisine got off to a rocky start, but a Balinese cooking class in Ubud, night markets in Sanur and simple restaurants called warungs conspired to change our minds and inform our palates. The result: an overview of the components of Balinese cooking, common Balinese dishes and where to find them when you visit Bali.

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South Indian Food: A Few Favorites

So you think Indian food is just chicken tikka masala and palak paneer?  Think again.

Recently, I’ve settled into a familiar morning routine: a masala dosa and sweet milk coffee in a simple canteen just down the street.  Attendants make their rounds with metal pails full of sambar and colorful wet chutneys, ensuring that all customers have ample supply, more than enough to eat.

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Peruvian Food: More than Just Ceviche

Peruvian cuisine has attained a certain hipness over the last decade. So when we put out a call to our network for Peruvian food suggestions prior to our visit to Lima, we were surprised when the net response amounted to “ceviche and pisco sours.”

For sure those are requisite tastes, but the Peruvian food scene offers so much more.

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What to Do in Singapore? Eat!

Singapore, an unexpected stop on our Southeast Asian itinerary thanks to a cheap flight from there to India. Our culinary expectations for this small city-state were low, particularly in the wake of our street food experiences in Thailand and Malaysia. Yet in the three days before our flight to India, it seemed like all we did was eat.

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