Eating Ethnic in Prague

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Last Updated on December 28, 2017 by Audrey Scott

When we first moved to Prague in 2001, ethnic restaurants were relatively expensive; the selection was slim and value low. In response, we sought out odd spice shops and developed new skills in cooking Italian, Indian, Thai and Mexican. As with the availability of ingredients, the number of ethnic restaurants in Prague has grown substantially over the last few years. We’ve even been introduced to some new cuisines like Afghan and Georgian.

Pho (Vietnamese Soup) - Prague, Czech Republic
A beautiful bowl of pho (Vietnamese soup) in Prague.

Our approach to dining out places emphasis on good food served in relaxed, informal environments for reasonable amounts of money. This list will eventually become outdated (if it hasn’t already), as restaurants seem to open and close by the day. Please comment and we’ll try to keep the list and map current.

Type of CuisineNameDescriptionAddress
AfghanArianaTry the Ashak or Mantu (Afghan version of ravioli), kebabs and a variety of vegetable side dishes for a substantial feast. Atmosphere is not hip, but we always eat well.Ramova 6, P1
AfghanKabul KarolinaAnother Afghan restaurant with good food in a garden setting. It's a toss up -the setting here is better than Ariana, but we prefer the food at Ariana.Karolíny Světlé 14, P1
IndianBeas DhabaWe've never seen such a popular Indian place, with lines literally out the door at lunchtime. Known for thalis with a choice of vegetarian curries. Audrey tried the masala dosa, to mixed results. Good attempt though.Bělehradská 90, P2
PakistaniRana Pakistani ResturantLocated in an unusual location, this tandoori oven pumps out nan as well as pizzas. Good food.Na Dedince 12, P8
ThaiSiam OrchidThe best quality and priced Thai food in town. Good lunch specials and spicy curries. Get a Thai massage across the way.Na Porcici 21, P1
ChineseHuang HeThe best Chinese food we've found in Prague. It costs more than the Cinsky buffet, but it's so worth it.Vrsovicka 1, P10
GeorgianU IrmyTurn to the last page in the menu for Georgian specialties like khachapuri. Order a bunch of dishes to share between a group.Karoliny Svetle 35, P1
GeorgianNove CasyIn addition to pizzas and standard Czech fare, the last page of the menu has Georgian cuisine. Great breads (khachapuri) stuffed with cheese and spinach, tasty chicken in walnut sauce and filling portions of beans (lobio).Perunova 13, P3
GreekTaverna OlymposA good selection of Greek appetizers and main dishes (grilled meats). Nice garden seating in the summer.Kubelikova 9, P3
PizzaGiallo RossoBest pizza by the slice around. The ground oregano and hot peppers are a nice touch.Nadrazni 84, P5 (another branch is on Vinohradska near Jiriho z Podebrad)
HamburgersMozaikaGreat weekly specials and regular menu. Good service. A reliable place to have a satisfying to fantastic hamburger. Very popular, so make a reservation.Nitranska 13, P3
Continental, especially good for brunchCafe SavoyHoused in a beautifully renovated cafe, Savoy has fantastic soups with chicken and mashed potatoes. A good spot for weekend brunch. Flavorful homemade breads and spreads.Vitezna 5, P1
Wine and cheeseMonarch Wine BarOnce a reasonably priced wine place with a great cheese counter, Monarch has gone upscale a bit. However, its cheese plates are still delicious.Na Perstyne 15, P1 (another location on the top of Wenceslas Square)
Mexican, Brunch, AmericanFraktalBest breakfast burrito in town for brunch. Known for their burgers. Menu includes Mexican, Mediterranean, Greek and other influences.Šmeralova 1, P7
CzechOlympiaGood Czech food in a nice pub atmosphere. Salads and lighter fare also on offer.Vitezna 7, P1
CzechNa VerandachHoused in the Staropramen brewery, Na Verandach has good Czech food and every type of Staropramen beer available. Make a reservation.Nadrazni 84, P5
CzechBredovsky DvurGreat Plzen on tap (they have a special system and beer room) and hearty Czech dishes. The lunch specials are an especially good deal.Politických vĕzňů 13, P1
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  1. Wow, Audrey…the photos all over this site are stunning! It’s also stunning that this is your life — what a courageous and worthwhile endeavor. The last time I saw you, I think you were wearing a soccer uniform and lamenting a big scab on your knee. You were probably 10 years old — and now lookatcha!

    I will be visiting this site regularly and sending everyone I know to see it. Amazing!

    -molly stone (emily’s big sister)

  2. Molly, so fun to hear from you!! Brought back good memories – weren’t you my soccer coach during some of that scab lamenting? Life is funny.

    Thanks for your support for our journey – wherever it may take us physically and mentally. We’ll be stocking the website soon with more articles and photos…so stay tuned!

    I thank Emily for forwarding our site to you!

  3. There is also a good Thai restaurant near the Maximilian hotel prague literally a one minute walk away – wish we had taken the name!

  4. Hi guys! We’re in Prague now and we were checking out some of your recommended eats. Just a heads up that a lot of the restaurant links that you have featured are now unfortunately broken. Wonder if they closed down as you mentioned they often do? We were hoping to get some ideas for some great local places for dinner. Take care!


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