Visa Costs from an Around the World Journey

Wondering how much visas cost for traveling around the world? We share the dirty details of the total amount we — as American citizens — have spent on tourist visas during our nine years of travel around the world. This amount — and the bureaucratic hassles connected with obtaining visas — will vary drastically depending upon your nationality.

In chronological order of our trip, the chart lists 1) countries where paid tourist visas were required; 2) visa cost per person; 3) length of visa; and 4) where the visa was received (embassy or land border). Of course we visited other countries along the way, but if you don't find the country listed that means that our entry was free.

As you see, we picked up most of our visas on the road by going to a country's embassy one or two countries prior to entering the country. However, if you are not on a continual journey like this, it is easier and less stressful to obtain your visas before leaving home. If you don't live near the embassy (or you just want to reduce the bureaucratic stress), consider using a visa service like VisaHQ to take care of all the paperwork for you.

For American citizens, the U.S. State Department's travel section and Country Pages are a useful place to start.

If want to know the latest visa requirements and costs for a specific country based on your nationality just use the widget below.


Visa Costs for American Citizens

CountryVisa CostLengthWhere We Received Visa
Grand Total in USD (per person)$2,080
Vietnam$130 3 months Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic
Laos$3530 daysAirport border, Luang Prabang Airport
Cambodia$2030 daysLand border, Mekong Delta between Vietnam and Cambodia
Armenia$3530 daysLand border between Georgia and Armenia
Azerbaijan$10030 daysEmbassy in Tbilisi, Georgia
Turkmenistan$7110 daysEmbassy in Yerevan, Armenia
Uzbekistan$10030 daysEmbassy in Baku, Azerbaijan
Kazakhstan$2530 daysEmbassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Kyrgyzstan $55 (now free for U.S. citizens)60 daysEmbassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tajikistan (+ GBAO permit for Pamir Mountains)$6530 days, starting on the date of issueEmbassy in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
China$12060 daysEmbassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Burma (Myanmar)$3030 daysEmbassy in Bangkok, Thailand
India$906 monthsVisa center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Nepal$4030 daysLand border with India
China$16030 daysEmbassy in Singapore
Bolivia$1355 yearsEmbassy in Lima, Peru
Paraguay$65Life of the passportEmbassy in Lima, Peru
Thailand$2060 daysEmbassy in Toronto, Canada
Jordan$3030 daysBorder, Amman Airport
Bangladesh$13060 daysEmbassy in Bangkok, Thailand
Indonesia$2530 daysBorder, Bali Airport
Tanzania$10090 days Border, Kilimanjaro Airport
Iran $80 (€70)20 daysEmbassy in Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey$3090 daysBorder, Istanbul Airport
Egypt$1530 daysBorder, Cairo Airport
Ethiopia $50 (+ passport photo)30 daysBorder, Addis Ababa Airport
Uganda$5030 days Border, Entebe Airport (Note: as of July 2016 this is no longer possible)
Tanzania$1005 years Border, Kilimanjaro Airport
Rwanda$3030 daysLand border between Uganda and Rwanda
India$19010 yearsVisa Service in San Francisco
Haiti$1030 daysBorder, Port-au-Prince Airport
Australia$15 ($20 AUD)90 daysOnline Application