Bay of Islands from Above, New Zealand [360-Degree Panorama]

Perspective. There are times to sit and relax on a white sand beach and enjoy the proximity of the crashing waves. And then there are times to climb up to get up above it all.

Waewaetorea Island is one of those times to take the climb. From the top you get a 360-degree view of around 35 islands that make up the Bay of Islands in the North Island.

Open the panorama up to full screen. Would you take the climb?

Panorama: Bay of Islands Vista, New Zealand

panorama directions

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  1. says

    I love the panoramic! That is gorgeous, and yes, I’d climb it for a view like that! I do wonder, though, if it’s one of those hikes that looks easy, but isn’t :) I’ve done a LOT of those.

  2. says

    @Meg: It was one of those hikes that seemed to get steeper and steeper the more we got into it, but it wasn’t too bad. Definitely worth the climb!! Such a beautiful view of the Bay of Islands.

  3. says

    Love this shot! New Zealand has been slowly creeping into my consciousness lately, and this panorama is making it inch forward a little more – I’d never really considered it as a place worth going to before. Hmmmm…..I may have to rethink…

  4. says

    @James: Unfortunately, we don’t have any panoramas for Singapore or Hong Kong. You can see a list of all our 360-degree panoramas here to see where we’ve taken panoramas.

    @Jam: We just returned to Berlin and all of our friends told us that it was freezing and cold during February. Definitely a good time to get away to New Zealand!

    @John: Ha! So many great vistas to enjoy with your sheep or goats :)

    @Tom: We had pretty high expectations for New Zealand to begin with, but even those were blown out of the water with all that we saw and experienced. What’s so amazing is how much diversity of nature there is within such a small place – from beach to snow-capped mountains and glaciers within hours. I highly recommend a visit!

    @Ally: The water was so clear and blue. A little chilly to swim in, but besides that just about perfect.

    @Stephen: New Zealand certainly has tons of coastline to rock out on!

  5. Kerry says

    Beautiful shot of my camping holiday destination in the past before the NZ Government took over it. We camped in the bay facing Motukiekie,, a stoney beach, the one with the cattle pen. We would put up a cookhouse against the cattle fence, run the hose up into the bush to a natural water stream, have lovely hot showers! (Sometimes too hot!), we also had a big tent behind the cookhouse which was basically on the beach. Also had a toilet seat set up behind the huge flax plants and bush. We would pick caped gooseberries and have them for dessert (they are actually Chinese caped gooseberries). The beautiful sandy beach facing Urapukapuka also had a natural spring water stream coming out from behind the pohutukawa tree in the small bay. I’ll never forget those wonderful holidays. Thank you for sharing the panoramic views.

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