Panorama of the Week: Carnes Asadas at the Market – Oaxaca, Mexico

Carnes Asadas at the Mercado 20 de Noviembre in Oaxaca, Mexico. It’s an institution!

When you first enter the market, follow your nose towards the smoke and aroma of grilled meat and you’ll find yourself in the Carnes Asadas (roasted meats) hall. Vegetarians beware: this is full-on meatatarian territory.

Your first stop: pick up a basket of spring onions, your choice of peppers and your favorite sides and salsas. Then make your way down the meat aisle. Vendors do their best to draw you into their islands of hanging beef (tasajo), chorizo, and marinated pork (cecina). Choose your meat, hand your veggie basket to the stand and the grill-master will grill it all — meats and veg — to perfection.

Find a spot (it can be tough!) to sit and wait for your grilled goodies to be delivered to your table. The rest is easy. Kick back, enjoy your food and a take in traditional Oaxaca and an atmosphere of families gathered together to share a meal.

Panorama: Carnes Asadas at the 20 de Noviembre Market in Oaxaca, Mexico

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    @TWOB, @John: Glad you enjoyed it…and it piqued your appetite.

    @Emily: Good question. Market shots are the most difficult to shoot in 360 panorama because of the movement. The trick is to get enough action in the shot, but not too much. Take all the shots quickly and hope for the best. Sometimes (in this case), it works out!

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