Panorama of the Week: Early Morning in a Sikkim Mountain Village

Dawn breaks in a village above holy Lake Khecheopalri in Sikkim, a semi-autonomous state of northeast India tucked into the Himalayas. In the early morning, children stumble half asleep through the village to the Buddhist monastery school as the sun rises over the nearby mountains. Our reason for rising early on the morning this photo was taken: to grab a glimpse of the elusive peak of Mount Kangchenjunga, the world’s third highest.

Mount Kangchenjunga eluded us that day, keeping to itself. Yet we were still thankful for the excuse to rise early, if only to witness the village come to life in the morning ritual that marks the beginning of another day.

Open up the panorama and join us.

Panorama: Early Morning in a Mountain Village in Sikkim

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    Awesome panorama. For me, this is the India that most are unaware of – away from the hectic cities where the locals are only to happy to share a smile and show you their village.

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