Life Lessons from A Tuscan Wedding

Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.

–- Carl Sandburg

Are you visiting Tuscany for your honeymoon?” Lorenza, our wine tasting hostess at Avignonesi winery, asked over a swirl of 2007 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

No,” I laughed. “We're actually here for our 10th anniversary. We were married just down the road in Pienza in 2000.

Even as the words came out, I thought: Ten years? Really?

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The Berlin Street Artist: A Parable of Passion and Practice

berlin street artist

Andy has been a street performer for over fifteen years. He’s originally from Britain, but he’s called Berlin his home for the last four of those years. We watched his show at a festival in Berlin’s Westend neighborhood this past weekend. In his performance, Andy combined juggling, balance and slapstick – all suffused with his dry British humor.

His finale: fire juggling on a tightrope held by members of the crowd.

While I enjoyed the wit, the feats, and the crowd reaction, it was a post-performance chat with Andy that really left an impression.

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What Do Nomads Call Home?

So we've been running all over creation for the last three and half years and living abroad for almost ten. In May, before visiting the United States we told people we were “coming home for a visit.” More recently, we found that Central Europe (Prague, by way of Vienna and Bratislava) still feels like home.

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Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

outside comfort zone

I was paging through an article of commencement speech clips over breakfast yesterday morning and this quote stuck with me all day. It recalls so many recent conversations and its message resonates on so many levels. But doing something that makes you uncomfortable — doesn't that sound odd?

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