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Last Updated on June 23, 2020 by Audrey Scott

We had high expectations of the Republic of Georgia. So far, we have not been disappointed. The people are warm and the place is beautiful.

We spent our first day walking around Tbilisi, permanently lost in a sea of street signs in Georgian script (a beautiful script, but completely incomprehensible to us!). No shortage of friendly and genuine offers to help us find our way – in Russian, the lingua franca for foreigners here.

Tbilisi Travel, Kids You Meet on Street
Hanging with the kids of Sololaki, Tbilisi.

One curious turn took us into a courtyard in Tbilisi's dilapidated yet beautiful Sololaki neighborhood where we were besieged (in the friendliest of ways) by a pack of gregarious local kids, many of whom spoke remarkably good English. They made our day by serenading us.

This is just the beginning. Much more on Tbilisi and Georgia to follow!

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6 thoughts on “Kids of Tbilisi – Georgian Voices”

  1. D&A, the website looks great! Glad to know you are alive and well in Georgia. Love the singing, and looking forward future updates. Take care and travel safely! I am gonna go explore your website now!


  2. Hey Brian,
    Thanks for christening our site with your comment. It’s very much in beta mode; better late than never.

    We have an excuse…the Georgians are killing us with their hospitality.

  3. Thanks, Cathy! It may be another week before more Georgia posts are up – we’re leaving soon for the mountains (Svaneti). Until then, cruise around Southeast Asia!

  4. Margaret: I love this audio clip – it brings back such good memories. This experience – and these kids – really set the tone for the rest of our visit to Georgia. We were welcomed by people of all ages and this wasn’t the only time we were sung to on our visit!


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