Zen and the Art of Laundry on the Road


This is story about five-sided underwear, a laundry detergent named BARF, socks that smell like goat cheese, and jeans that have never been washed. Oh, and it's an answer to "What do you do about laundry while traveling?"The other day, Audrey and I walked into a laundry service here in Oaxaca, Mexico and after a confounding exchange we discovered that they don’t … [Read more...]

Panorama of the Week: Grand Central Terminal, New York

grand central terminal

One part transportation hub, another part monument to the human experiment, Grand Central Terminal is said to be number six on the world's most visited places list with 21,600,000 visitors each year.Hitler sent spies to sabotage it, Croatian nationalists attempted to bomb it and visions of the future once conspired to demolish it. … [Read more...]

Panorama of the Week: Egypt’s Red Pyramid

red pyramid egypt

Dahshur, Egypt. As we pulled up to the Red Pyramid, we noticed there was something missing -- people.No tourists, no vendors, no camel drivers trying to pull us onto their decorated beasts for a photo op. It was delightfully quiet, almost eerily so. Only our small group. For visitors like us, it was one of the benefits of visiting last month when tourist … [Read more...]