Fathers Around the World – A Mosaic and Slideshow

We often highlight the contribution of women and mothers in our writing and photography, but let’s not forget the important role that men and fathers can play.

On this day, we think back to the moments we have shared with fathers and their kids around the world.

Fathers From Around the World Mosaic
Fathers and their children from Paraguay, Lithuania, Burma, Honduras, India, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Peru

Occasionally, a father will ask us to take a photo of him with his children. His expression is often serious, belying certain emotion.

But the pride still comes through.

Then there are those other times when it’s impossible for a father to hide his feelings. For example, at a tailor shop in Bagan, Burma, a father shared with us a bit about his family and his only child, a daughter. As he fiddled with a broken zipper on our camera sling, his daughter arrived home after a day at school. As she practiced her English with us, he glowed in a moment of fatherly pride.

His hope for his daughter was palpable. So too was his dedication to creating opportunities so that her life might might be better than his own.

So it’s on this occasion that we recognize those fathers around the world who provide support, guidance and leadership to their children.

Happy Father’s Day!


Fathers from Around the World Slideshow

If you’d like to see descriptions, you can view the entire Fathers from Around the World photo essay.

Fathers featured in the following slideshow are from: Bangladesh, China, Ecuador, Georgia, Honduras, India, Lithuania, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Thailand, United States, Uzbekistan.

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