Best Value Meals: Five Continents, Quotable Quotes, and a Winner

Last month, we asked readers to share their most satisfying value meal experience for a chance at a gift certificate.

The resulting entries from five continents (Africa and Antarctica conspicuously absent) did not disappoint. Some of the entries made us laugh. Some even made us cry. And all of them made our mouths water. Here are a few representative quotes that struck us.

And of course, we announce the randomly selected winner at the bottom.

Quotable Quotes

JessieV on an Amish fish fry benefit in Michigan, USA:

…chat with your neighbors (amish or not). pass the ketchup. help the little amish boy next to you cut up his fish. enjoy the sounds of the hard wooden wheels on the haywagon, as people head off for a post-dinner ride down the road and back.

Kevin & Joan on soup at a bus stop in Thailand

…we savored what became our ritual of the “Thai soup facial!” Lowering one’s face close to the surface, breathing in deeply, you feel complete contentment in your bones and in your soul. It is a nearly perfect moment. The flavors combine and transcend.

Lori on pasta rodizio in Maringa, Brazil:

Rodizio is a popular style of eating in Brazil. I think it originated with the traditional churrascaria (BBQ) where the meat comes to your table. However, it has expanded to pizza, sushi and my favorite budget meal since living here – pasta rodizio.

Dave on Fergburger in Queenstown, New Zealand:

…bungee off the Nevis…then go to Fergburger…hike the Milford Track…then go for a Fergburger…river raft….and then go for a Fergburger.

Stephen Farr on a pizza cart in Rome, Italy:

It is run by an old Italian man out of his cart, but don’t be fooled. Just the aroma of his pizza causes salvation…In a city where everything from water and clothes to transportation and museums are overpriced this amazing $3 pizza is the best bargain in the entire country.

Nguyen on Arthur Bryant’s BBQ in Kansas City, Missouri (USA):

It was a double decker sandwich, pulled pork on one level, beef brisket on the second level…They rolled it up with the fries in butcher’s wax paper. When it was done, the package was bigger than a football.

Adam Grossman on a street stall in New York City, USA:

This lead me to the grail of the low carb eater…street meat.

Tony on sushi in Japan:

…they are rip off compared to the hidden Sushi layers that blanket the city… and they are void of the personalities you’ll find in the hidden spots.

Layne on Spiagge di Napoli in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

The Balcarce cake we ordered for dessert – with layers of whipped cream, meringue, dulce de leche, vanilla cake, powdered sugar and caramelized peanuts – wowed us nearly as much as the pasta.

Janet on Soam restaurant in Mumbai, India:

It’s [Kadhi] a warm spicy slightly sweet (or was it sour?) yogurt soup that you pour right into the bowl of khichdi. You get all the flavors in your mouth at once – sour, sweet, salty. seriously delicious.

Chris on galbi kababs in Masan, Korea:

Afterall, just because it smells good, it might not taste that way, and who knows with street food!? Right?!?! Right??! Wrong…I was handed three wonderful strips of meat-on-a-stick. I ate. I enjoyed. I became a regular customer and have never shied away from street food since.

And a Winner!

And the winning entry, selected with the help of, is Chandler. He wrote about a sushi experience in Redding, California (USA) that transformed the way he thinks about inexpensive sushi.

A huge thanks to all who participated. Happy eating!

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  1. says

    What a great idea to share the best food experiences. Travel really is all about food. We are always planning our next meal while we are sitting at the table eating! I don’t think that I could pin down one favorite, so it is nice to read other peoples instead. Cheers.

  2. says

    @Andy, Lori, Dave and Deb: Travel and food go hand in hand with one another. It’s one of the great joys of travel! You’re right, it was difficult just to pick these quotes from all the great entries.

  3. says

    Too bad I found your site after the contest – I could have suggested best value meals in Antarctica. My suggestion? Get a contract position for the winter in Antarctica. I’m on my 5th season (2nd winter) and can tell you that the food, especially during the winter, is top-notch and as far as value? It’s FREE. Not up for spending endless months in the dark and cold? Food in summer isn’t bad, it’s just prepared for many more people and many more people are involved in putting it together – though the best piece of Salmon I have ever eaten was during one of my summer seasons here and served at a field camp – 800 miles from running water but I ate like a king!

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