A Visual Taste of Kyrgyzstan

Horse Riding in Kyrgyzstan
Dan on a horse trek to Song Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan

So we went a little nuts with photos in Kyrgyzstan. But we have an excuse. We were there for over a month – tracking down militsia (OVIR, to those familiar) to renew our visas, getting stuck in snowstorms, meeting old friends and collecting new ones, freezing to bits while taking in stunning scenery and enjoying some unbelievably kind hospitality.

Kyrgyzstan Travel Photos

Kyrgyz Mountain Kids - Sary Tash, Kyrgyzstan
Mountain kids in Sary Tash, Kyrgyzstan

Next up: Photos from the rooftop of the world (Pamir Mountains) in Tajikistan and more than a few more words about the rest of our Central Asian experiences.

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  1. Kendell says

    These photos are stunning! I like the market shots and the penguin marketing one especially. I can’t wait until I can order prints or postcards from you !

  2. Cathy says

    I love the pictures of these kids — maybe I missed it, but why are they behind barbed wire?

    A picture raises a thousand questions!

  3. says

    Kendell, markets are our thing! Interesting that you picked up on the penguin marketing photo – similar eye : )

    If all goes well (and China’s internet connections continue to be good), we hope to have our online shop up before Thanksgiving. If not, then expect an after Christmas sale!

  4. says

    Cathy, glad you like that photo. We’ve been wondering when someone would comment about the barbed wire.

    It turns out that the kids were just behind a fence (presumably barbed for animals). When our jeep pulled up to their farm house, they went crazy with excitement. We couldn’t resist taking their photo.

    My question to you (and anyone else)…would you enjoy the photo more with or without the wire? Don’t worry…we’re not going to change it/photoshop it (we don’t have time frankly). Just curious.

  5. Cathy says

    Dan, Audrey and anyone else who has a thought about the barbed wire –
    The kids are adorable and you have a great way with children pictures, so I’d like the picture anyway. But the barbed wire paired with smiling faces and the fingers on the wire are attention-getting because the combination is unexpected and appears to tell a story or at least open a possible story.

  6. says

    Cathy, not only is photographing kids a lot of fun, but we find that engaging with children (paying attention to them, photographing them, playing with them) sometimes serves as an ice-breaker with their parents. We also agree, the picture is more interesting with the barbed wire. If only we had a story to go with it. Don’t worry…more stories (maybe not about those kids) are coming from all over Central Asia on our site over the next couple of weeks.

  7. Julie says

    I hope you get the online shop up and running. We have a work at school that is called ” Children of the World”. The kids match the pictures of children to the continent and country of the child in the picture. You guys take such real and wonderful shots of children of the world, that I wold love to use some for the work. Let me know when it is up so I can purchase a few!! Continue to be safe!

  8. says

    What a great project to help children in the States learn about children worldwide! I’m working on the shop now and hope to get it up before Thanksgiving! Kids will definitely be one of the main categories for prints, calendars, and note cards. I’ll keep you posted!

    Once the shop is up, just let me know if there is a photo from the photo gallery you don’t see in the shop that you want. Or, if a photo isn’t on the type of product you want just send me an email and I’ll make the change.

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