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If are looking to get started with creating your own adventurous and story-filled life, you belong here.

Our travels have not only taught us first-hand about the world and its people, but they teach us about ourselves and each other. All these lessons and experiences come together as the story of Uncornered Market.

This is the page where we share those lessons and all that we’ve learned over the years to help you plan and create your next adventure, whether it may take you around the block…or around the world.

So where do you begin to create your next adventure? Here are a few suggestions.

The Transformational Power of Travel

10 Ways Travel Helps You Let Go

An Adventure Manifesto: Adventure Is a State of Mind

How Travel Is The Classroom

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Travelers

Being Present in Travel

The Joy of Living Deliberately: 7 Questions

How to Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Travel Guides

Where to travel next? Inspiration meets practical travel guides.

Traveling to Southeast Asia: A Beginner’s Guide

Central Asia Travel: A Beginner’s Guide

Bangladesh Travel: A Beginner’s Guide

Insider’s Prague: Tourist Traps to Avoid, What to Do, Where to Eat

Traveling to Iran as Americans: All You Need to Know

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Sustainable Tourism: Travel with Respect

Tourism, It’s the People’s Business

Should Travelers Give to Kids Who Beg?

The Good Global Traveler: 17 Actions You Can Take

Travel and Your Values: The Power of Deliberate Spending

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World food guides

World Cuisine Guides: Using Local Food as a Tool for Exploration

An Overview of Ethiopian Cuisine

Eating Your Way Through Iran

Bali Food: From Satay to Sambal

From Mezze to Mansaf: Eating Our Way Through Jordan

South Indian Food: A Few Favorites

Peruvian Food: More Than Just Ceviche

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Practical Travel Advice: Health, Relationships, Gear and Passports

How to Travel Without Hugging the Bowl: 10 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

How to Travel the World Together Without Killing Each Other

Stay Open, Stay Safe: 5 Unconventional Travel Safety Tips

Capturing Humanity: 10 Tips for Taking Great Street and Market Photos

Poo, Pills and Parasites: Around the World Travel Health Tips

Protect Thy Passport: Keeping Your Passport Safe and Avoiding Scams

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Travel Humor: Because funny things happen on the road

I Drove to the Ends of the Earth (A Marriage Proposal)

My Date With An Ethiopian Hair Butcher

7 Ways to Trek Like a Supermodel

Nibbles That Give Me the Shivers (or, Sh*t I Wouldn’t Eat Again)

More funny stories from around the world.


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